Hello iwaku world

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  1. Hello!
    I'm Thoughts, I don't like to talk about myself in public.

    I like rping very much and I filled out this neat resume thingy on my profile.
    I prefer 1x1 rps over the inbox because it's easier for me. I live in Europe so my timezone is probably much different from anyone else.

    I write between a few lines and 6 or so paragraphs, depending on what I'm given and in what mood I am. Though I mostly prefer somewhat between a paragraph and two or three since it's quicker.

    Uh... Yeah... I don't know what to say else. I'm weird. Just ask what you want to know, maybe I'll answer ;)

    Send me a message if you want to rp :)
  2. WELCOME! To Iwaku, I hope you enjoy many adventures.
  3. Greetings, Thoughts! ^o^ Welcome to the site!