Hello Iwaku ^^ I am...

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  1. A human female named Mari (I wish I was a time lord :'D). A geek and proud. A lover of video games, especially horror. A lover of Doctor who, Star Trek, Harry Potter, pokemon (earlier generations), anime, manga, disney (only some), And Star Wars. A nerd fighter. A hufflepuff. An artist. A bookworm. A phan. A yognaut. A lover of musicals. A person that worries too much about messing up. A socially awkward (in real life) person. A hard worker. A good listener. A hard headed person. A person who likes to stray away from reality from time to time. Really excited to be apart of this site. Me. c:
  2. You have a lot of cool interests, and a Hufflepuff! Not many can get away with wearing that banner as proudly as you have, well played.

    I'm October nice to meet you and WELCOME!
  3. Oh hello, are you me? :U

    Heh, welcome to the site. I just joined too. I too like Pokemon, though I prefer later generations and remakes. I just like all the fancy features and pretty graphics.
  4. Hi Mari Choco! 8D A lot of those thing are me too. I am deceptively well put together. My innards are awkward waffles.

    Welcome to the community! <3