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  1. I stumbled across Iwaku by chance whilst searching for a site that would expand my borders of play. This community seems to be thriving, so I decided that I'll stay a little while. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm sure; I look forward to becoming better acquainted with some of you and the in-depth stories we'll create together.

    While I'm new to the Iwaku Community, I'm certainly not unfamiliar with the concept of role play in all of its format types. I persuade you to check out my role play resume and afterwards feel free to ask away.
  2. Well, I'll take the opportunity to welcome you Noire - I'm pretty new too. If ever you feel like 1x1 RP, feel free to give me a shout.
  3. Noire City. O_O That is one hella badass name.

    Welcome to the siiiiiiite!
  4. Thank you very much for the warm welcome, Undivided Belakor. I wouldn't mind discussing a 1x1 with you. Where do we migrate to in order to do that? Feel free to ask questions.
  5. Haha, thank you. It's a genre/art form I love very much...among other things. Thank you for the welcome. May I ask how long you've been an administrator for the site?
  6. The sad part is that I don't remember how long it's been now, the years have blurred together. X___X Prolly somewhere between 2007 - 2009. I am also not one of the original admins, the site was around for a bit before I even joined it. I was an admin elsewhere before that. O_O