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  1. Hello, my name is Blake, and as you can probably perceive from title, I am a newcomer; not only to this site but to roleplaying in general. The closest I've ever come to roleplaying is playing crpg's like Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment. However since I love writing and have an over-active imaginative mind, I thought this would be something I'd be interested in. So, if anyone has any advice or tips to give a newbie like myself, they would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Mr Blake Cow! :D You'll prolly want to check out Roleplay 101 for a quick run down on how we roleplay on Iwaku. It's super easy. I reccomend starting in the JumpIN area, cause it's roleplay newbie friendly and lets you get the hang of posting.

    Welcome to the community!
  3. *stays silent*

    What Diana said. I can't really say anything without unintentionally copying her. >.<
  4. Thanks for the kind greetings. The community seems pretty friendly so far.
  5. We are. If anyone trolls you, they're just screwing around, so don't take it too serioously.
  6. Lol. A cow. :3

    Err... Welcome to the forum~
  7. =D Hi, I'm OT, a fellow newcomer. It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Welcome to Iwaku! =D I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. ^_^

    I hope you enjoy it here at Iwaku as much as I have been! =D You made a good choice joining us.

    See you around! ;)

  8. Yeah, well so far I haven't regretted the decision.
  9. Fresh meat?
    Haha, just kidding. Mostly.
    Welcome to Iwaku, Blake, it's good to meet you.
    I'm Kitti, by the by~

    Here are some places that you'll want to check out here!

    This is where you can sign up for the roleplays found in Modern, Scifi, Fantasy, and sometimes Mature. Generally, they will have you post a character sheet in their thread, a new sheet for each roleplay! You can also start signups for a roleplay of your own here. These signups are important and most of the GMs for games here require that you fill out the character sheet and be approved before you can play in their game but no need to worry! Most people are more than happy to help modify something if it's not what they were looking for and give you guidance but for the most part, they're also a creative community with lots of leeway given to new players.

    This is where you can find jump in games, which typically have no sign up thread. You just start posting!
  10. Welcome whatsacow Blake! I think there should be stuff to learn about roleplaying. Most people here love it a lot, so you'll have many eager volunteers to help you get involved. =)
  11. Hello, Blake! :D

    Iwaku needs more over-imaginative peoples like you to stuff our forums with more juicy role plays! It's a pleasure to meet you and don't hate me for eating a hamburger last night...I paid my respects. ; - ;
  12. I had Cow for dinner! Ground up into meat paste then baked in the oven!

    Welcome to the site, I'm October. Nice to meet you!

    Glad you decided to join, hope you find everything you are looking for here at Iwaku : )
  13. That's some mighty fine taste in games you've got there, Blake. You should come share that fine taste in our video game group.

    I'm Ozzie! Welcome to our establishment. If you need someone to show you the ropes or are looking for roleplaying tips, you should come join the Iwaku Roleplayer's Academy.

    And let me know if you need anything else!