hello I'm a permanent hospital patient

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  1. Hi every one call me neko and I'm new to the role-playing scene
    A little about me:
    I've been in the hospital for as long as I can remember
    I'm 16 and yes I'm that mystical creature called a girl
    I love to take pictures and draw my hero is Aristotle
    And that's really all there is to know about me
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  2. What... What is it... *prods*
    Oh it's a new Iwaku member! Welcome! Here you can turn those pictures and wonderful drawings you make (yes, I already know they are good cause I am magic) and combine them into an epic story. Hope you enjoy your stay!
    *gives a carrot and potato*
    - A very weird person
  3. Thanks
    And I think being weird is awesome
  4. Welcome, from another newbie!

    I hope you enjoy it here!
  5. i do like it here indeed thank you
  6. Ah, This makes sense now, and I would not know anything about being in the hospital for anytime longer then a few hours, since personally I fall asleep if I have to wait, therefore I've never been in a hospital longer then 1 day. Sounds like it would be a bit boring of an existence, but I'm not one to judge. If you want someone to converse with, Feel free to message me. Please forgive my opinions as I do not know a lot.

    Welcome to Iwaku, please enjoy your stay ma'am.
  7. honestly its pretty nice i have plenty of time to work on photography and my drawings
  8. Is it rude to ask why you are permanently hospitalized? Perhaps it is not for the public to know, in which case I might send you a message if my curiosity persists.
  9. oh no its fine to ask I have multiple anomlies in my heart(which is just a nice way of saying my hearts defective) so I cant be more than five feet away from a defibilerator not only that but I also have hyper sensitive nerves to much physical trauma could kill me so im stuck with good ol cynthia
  10. Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you have a great time here :D
  11. thank you
  12. Ah, welcome to Iwaku Aristotle~ ^ ^ You seem like a cool person and it'd be cool to get to know you :)

    Enjoy yourself !
  13. Thanks for sharing! Whatever happens with all that, I hope that you remain happy with your interest for the arts.
  14. thank you,and I certainly shall remain happy
  15. Hey! Just noticed this was here, so you can ignore the other greeting of mine if you want. Should've checked here before posting it. That happens quite often I should really... *rambles on for a few hours about how I should take my time and stop rushing through posts*

    Aaaanyways... I'm Genesis. A pleasure to meet you M'Lady. I just happen to be a hunter of mystical creatures, but I'm sure this one is much too beautiful to take. If you want someone to just chat with, I'm open. (Though you probably already have people at this point... ;-; )

    Side note- May I inquire as to why you are in the hospital? I don't mean to sound rude or anything. Just curious. (Good thing I'm not a cat.)
  16. Bonjour, belle jeune fille. Its a pleasure to meet you and have you on our site :D btw the first part was french for "hello beautiful girl." I'm another of the weird members here who tends to be very kind and friendly so if your ever in the mood to roleplay anything with me I don't mind don't be shy send me a message! ^^
  17. Hi there Aristotle, welcome to the site! :D