Hello, I love you. Won't you tell me your name?

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  1. HelloHallo! Ich heisse Ophelia- and all of my old RP sites died!

    This looked like a good place to start over.

    How's it going out there in the mysterious void?
  2. Herrohi~! I'm Lina, and I'm proud to be the first one to welcome you to Iwaku~ PM me if you need anything, I'll be there~

    If you want a random rp to join, check out The Legend of Korra Reversed. We're just starting, and only have one other person signed up

  3. Nice to meet you, Lina!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku!
    German I see. I took some German classes in high school, and I have even been to Germany.. SO exciting.
    AND.. Hamlet... your name -nods- Anywho.. hi!
  5. Welcome aboard! I'm October, people call me October!

    I left my old rp site cause it died as well. Some times I check back on it and there are only like 3 or 4 people logged in at a time. Weaksauce. Anyway here you are and here I am! Hope to see you in some threads soon.
  6. Hello Celestialis! Yes, I'm rather fond of German. I come from a German speaking family and I'm going to Germany this summer actually! I'm very excited it's a beautiful country. And yes! A fellow Hamlet fan! This is good.

    Hi October! Yes, we are the refugees of failed RP sites, aren't we? Suggest some RPs to me sometime!
  7. Oh gosh! :D There is so much love!

    Welcome to Iwaku, Madam! Iwaku is immortal therefore dying is not an option! So welcome to the long life of rp immortality!
  8. Welcome aboard to Iwaku miss. ^_^

    Iwaku is an awsome place to start over a life of roleplay, so I hope we have plenty of what you can get into. ^^

    If you need any help you may feel free to ask me, the staff, or anyone else that can destroy me. XD
  9. Hallo Obi! Thank you for your greeting and I'm very glad to know iwaku will not die on me!

    And thank you for your kindness Tenchi!
  10. Hallo Madam! 8D Welcome to the community! I think a lot of us are refugees from old communities. XD
  11. Welcome to Iwaku Ophely! I am Raimy/Rina and I hope you enjoy your stay !
  12. Hallo Ophelia, ich heisse jetzt Elyd (aber einmal Stephanie). Kannst du Deutsch?

    Welcome to Iwaku! There is lots of RPing to be had here, and no chance of dying anytime soon.
  13. H-E-J-1-N welcomes you to the wonderful place that is Iwaku. May you enjoy the creative vistas that can only culminate into a veritable galaxy of imagination and fantasy.
  14. Wilkommen, Ophelia! I certainly hope you like it here.
  15. Thank you Diana, Raimy, H-E-J-1-N, and Klik for your greetings! They make me feel very welcome!

    Und ja, Elyd, Ich kann Deutsch. Aber Ich will besser werden.
  16. Fel und ich schreiben manchmal in der Cbox auf Deutsch, einmal sollen wir eine "Deutschstunde" haben. ^^ Herzlich Willkommen auf Iwaku! Es gibt auch eine Sprachgruppe "How do you say?", in die sollst du eintreten. :D
  17. Oh ja, danke! Die Idee einer Deutschstunde gefällt mir! Die Sprachgruppe ist nützlich auch! :D
  18. I was wooed by your promises of affection for me just telling you my name!
    Welcome to Iwaku, Miss Ophelia. I'm Kitti, spruced up for the Sci-Fi Festival with a fancy Sci-Fi name~
    And now I have secured your affections, no? <3

    Heh. Anyway, it looks like you've been finding your way around all right but if you need help, don't hesitate to ask for it!
  19. Oh ho ho thank you Kitti. I'm so pleased to know I wooed you. :D