Hello!, how are you today? :3

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  1. Hello! My name's Kari. Please call me Castrael; Cas for short. I'm a 24 year old girl. I've been role-playing since I was 10; on and off. I was a complete n00b back then. Haha. Role-playing has been a hobby of mine ever since and I enjoy doing it. I love to write and while I write I listen to music. I'll do any RP, but I do love fantasy more than any other genre out there. I'm an active role-player too. I do have a part-time job atm so please be patient with me. :3

    And some facts about me: I love anything that's glittery. I love to eat anything that's sweet. My favorite color's purple and my favorite food's spaghetti. I'm an open shy girl that's friendly. ^^
  2. Hi! I'm new here too (my own post is actually just a couple threads back). Nice to meet you, Cas!!!~ :cheers:
  3. Yes, I've noticed. ^^ How are you? It's nice to meet you too.
  4. Yay! Welcome to Iwaku, you two. ^_^