Hello, hope to enjoy some RP's here.

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  1. Hello, I was recently reffered this site by a friend. I have been searching for a roleplaying site for awhile now, so hopefully I will meet some amazing people.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy role playing here! *thumbs up*
  3. Ahh thanks, I hope so too!
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  4. Hello! Welcome, welcome! This place is full of nice people who share the love of Roleplaying :) I hope you have a good time!
  5. Thank you for the warm welcomes, really do appreciate it. -Smiles.-
  6. Welcome! It seems you'll enjoy this site a lot! :)
  7. Thank you, I really do enjoy the greetings.
  8. Welcome to Iwaku, @Anri! :3 Have fun roleplaying, meeting people, and generally just chilling in the General forum. ^^ You'll enjoy it here.
  9. Aw, thank you. I hope to meet as many amazing people as I can.
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  10. Welcome! I hope you have a great time here! There are tons of awesome and helpful people here! I hope you enjoy it here! =)
  11. Aww all these warm introductions are so nice.
  12. [​IMG]

    Hey! Welcome to Iwaku! Anytime you wanna RP or chat, let me know!
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