Hello! Hooray!



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Hello everyone! I am an experienced RPer with a need for something a little less fromal and layed back, and so i stumbled upon this forum. I love the the "Jump In" thing too. briliant :) I hope to fit in here and see you all soon!
Welcome aboard, Viperslate! You've come to the right place, we are totally laid back. That's funny, cause I came here three years ago looking for the same environment that you described in your post.

Hope you enjoy your time here and if you need anything, just ask.
Thanks for the welcome, man. :) I think im definitely gonna like it here...
Hi there and welcome to Iwaku!
I'm glad that you stumbled upon us and I'm happy that you already like it here.
I'm Kitti, by the way, nice to meet you.

It looks like you've already taken a good look around and gotten acquainted with some of the stuff here but if you need any help, please feel free to ask!
Welcome, Viperslate! I am so very glad you decided to join Iwaku. You will soon find, if you haven't already, that a majority if the people here are really relaxed and cool. I think you will really enjoy it here. ^.^
I'm Celeste. If you need anything I'll definitely be around.
I thought your username was "Vipers Latte" and then I was wondering why you drank snakes. t_____t

Welcome to Iwaku! :D
Welcome to Iwaku, Viperslate! Is it Viper Slate or Vipers Late? In any case, nice name. :D The jump in idea is great isn't it? Hope you find something that catches your eye!