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  1. I have come from The Roleplay Wall to say hello to everyone! I love to Roleplay in every aspect of the word and I am usually a pretty relax and friendly individual, so don't worry I won't bite. My character can usually fit into any style of roleplay, so don't hesitate to hit me up if you want to Roleplay with me. I also really like to chat! If you just wanna chat with me, then hit me up and i'll surly oblige.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Vlad!

    It's great to know that you don't bite. A lot of other people do and it's not pretty. .__.

    I'm Iliana, the girl to go to if you need any help or just want to annoy. Hopefully its the former more than the latter! Take a quick look at
    this guide. It'll tell you everything you need to do when it comes to role playing on Iwaku!

    Enjoy your stay!
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome, Iliana. I have read the topic and I have also already posted a topic called The Tavern. It's free for everyone to join! Have some fun, missions will come up as we grow and you're allowed to pinup your own missions as well. Enjoy. This is a great community and i'm honored to be here.
  4. So you came from a wall?
    -rubs my head in pondering.-

    It is awesome to have you with us, Vlad! I'm just some pirate who runs around doing piratey things.

    Along with Iliana's link, for your chatting needs..Stop by the

    Have fun!
  5. They have you set up with what you need to know, so I'll just say welcome to Iwaku. ^^

    My name is Tetsuri and its nice to meet you.

    Its always great to see a new face around.

    If you need anything else, feel free to ask.
  6. Thnx everyone! :p
  7. ​Sup dude. Welcome to Iwaku.