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  1. Hiiiiiii, everyone.

    You can refer to me as GlassTableGirl or any variation of that. Perhaps I shall reveal my name somewhere down the road c;
    I'm a 20 year old still trying to figure out wtf I'm doing with my life, ahah.
    And if you want to put a face to a name, I uploaded a selfie in the Pictures 11.0 thread xD

    Anyway, I'm a student striving to become a paramedic. I'm in an EMT-A class and hope to go to paramedic school somewhere in 2016 once I gain some experience in the field.

    I completed my roleplay resume for everyone to check out and hopefully I can start some roleplays with a few of you. I'm also hoping to get recruitment advertisement going so I can portray in detail what roleplays I am most interested in. So stay tuned for that!
    This isn't the only rp site I use but I wanted to try somewhere new, and since I am new, I'm still trying to learn and navigate through this site so yeah, bare with me, please.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    -GlassTableGirl xo
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  2. Hi there! welcome to iwaku! I go by Drake. and if you need anything, please feel free to message me, anytime. and id offer a roleplay, but your resume says ur not the biggest fan of fantasy, and my main genre is modern fantasy. but if your ever interested, we can always work around that.

    anyways, i hope you enjoy your stay here! ^_^
  3. Hey, thank you!!
    If I end up wanting to expand my knowledge in the fantasy-genre, I know who to go to ;)
    Thanks again, Drake~!
  4. no problem! and ok lol
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