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  1. So, hi! I'm super excited to start RPing here! I am a nineteen year old female writer-thing that goes by 'Mad' on the interwebs. I hail from the land of Pokemon RP sites so I'm super pumped to try some other stuff.

    One of my friends showed this place to me a while ago but it was her mentioning the writing workshops and HP RPs that sold me, er, about forty minutes ago? (Well, forty minutes ago when I started writing this.) So yeah, I'd love to RP Harry Potter or maybe something to do with Magical Girls.

    I'm used to RPing with a single partner so I guess I probably prefer that but I'd be up for group RPs as well. I've been RPing for years and writing even longer than that. And I absolute adore excellent writing. So just a heads up that you might gain an undyingly loyal fan if we RP.

    So that's it! I guess. Nice to meet you all. ^^
  2. YAY new roleplay things! 8D Welcome to the community, Madness!
  3. Welcome my love :)
  4. Hello again, Welcome to the greatest corner of the internet. Make yourself at home and I'll put the kettle on. 8D
  5. Hello to all three of you! (Especially you, Burbydolly! ^c^)

    And I think I might actually believe you on this place being the greatest. I don't know how I've gone so long without knowing of its brilliance!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.