Hello, hello. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

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  1. The hardest part of introduction threads for me is always the title. Seriously, what title could you possibly choose, that hasn't been there yet? So I embrace it and quote - without any hesitance or shame - the Beatles. Good. Done. That's out of the way.

    Who are you?
    I am Plaetzchen. A sort of christmas-sy cookie/biscuits/pastry.
    Nobody speaking English as their first language will be able to pronounce that correctly, so choose to call me whatever does not permanently tie your tongue into a knot. Anything pastry-related is fine. Alternatively just go with "hey, you!".

    Why the heck do you choose a name so difficult?
    It's been my name for years and I've grown very accustomed to it. You could say, it is sort of my name.

    Why come here, foreigner?
    I have used platforms like these for some time, but never one in English. My old place sort of died a slow and agonizing death in the last years and I decided to migrate. However, I couldn't find any good site in my mothertongue. Hence the change to English (the only other language I know at least some grammar of). If there is something wrong with my English, apologies. Feel free to correct me, if something is seriously bothering.

    Do you always write so much without getting to the point?
    Well... yeah. Maybe. Probably. Sometimes. I guess. I enjoy writing. Kinda hoping people here will, too.

    What about role playing?
    I started when I was about 10. Like with all good drugs it was an older family member of a friend who hooked me up. First Pen&Paper stuff, never liked too many rules and dice/spreadsheet orgies though. Some time later I had my first group role play over distance, it was done by (snail) mail. God, that was long ago. With reseanable internet my group role playing in online communities replaced that however. Yes, so I have done DSA, D&D, some Shadowrun, multiple custom Pen&Papers and more online custom play than I can count. Never one in English though.

    What are you looking for exactly?
    I guess I am more used to group RPs than 1x1. Does not mean I would decline a good 1x1 role play. I just tend to group plays more. Other than that I prefer well constructed, thought out worlds/stories, and a mature atmosphere. I am not in particular looking for anything sexual, violent or the likes, but serious. If violence, blood, character death although is a logical part of the game - absolutely no problem with that, sign me up.

    Why is your Roleplayer's Resume still quite empty?
    I still need some time to get a feeling for this place. Also the terminology is a little different than what I am used to. I'll be good and put in more quite soon.

    Now, at last, the most important question: Are oatmeal raisin cookies really evil?
    Yes, yes they are. Usually they try to trick you into eating them. Then they spend their last moments with trying to choke you to death. Luckily they are also very incompetent at that last part.
  2. Don't worry, I will all of those oatmeal raisin cookies for you! :D

    Welcome to the community, Plaetzchen!
  3. Thanks for having me.

    Yes, someone should eat those fake cookies. Good Job!
  4. Hello, Biscuit! Nice song choice.

    Welcome to the site. :] Don't worry, we're a multinational site and there are quite a few people here who do not speak English as a first language. That includes some of our Staff. (And actually, your English is quite good.)

    I got started with pen and paper roleplaying as well. (My older brother got me playing D&D.)

    If you need any help getting familiar with the site, feel free to message me and ask questions. I'm happy to help.
  5. Good song.

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  6. Thanks! I really love the song, so it was natural to choose it.

    As I said, like with any good drug it is always friends or older family members that get you hooked up.
  7. Welcome Plaetzchen! Hope you and your biscuitiness enjoy Iwaku and it's infinite roleplaying possibilities! Hope you make many friends!
  8. Thanks. And you get a cookie for the use of biscuitiness!
  9. I pronounce it as plutz(i)-ken. A lot of the ones I had were powdery and stale; I just stuck to American cookies after that.

    AHEM, A welcome to you, friend! Oatmeal and it's cookies have tried to kill me too. I flipping loathe them, but they're good... ~_~
    Enjoy your stay and have fun!
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  10. I guess it should be more like pletz(i)-ken, the vowel in the first syllable a little like the "e" in egg. But not too bad.
    The ones you tried were probably dry because they either had a long way or were store bought. Somethings you just have to make with love... :D
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