Hello, Hello! I believe you are my new partner? You are? SPLENDID!

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  1. Hello, Hello people!

    I have several ideas to put out here and I do so hope that you like them!

    Doomed to die
    A fey-based roleplay, of court intrigue and romance in the fey court. Fey, if you did not know, refers to the Fae or the faerie folk of legend and myths. Burnt by iron and of elven descent.

    This may be a girl x boy or boy x boy romance, though a happy ending is not guaranteed.

    Elemental shapeshifters, perhaps of opposing elements, are chosen to undergo the training required to become the elite warriors of their kingdom. A year long intensive training, a gruelling and bordering on inhumane schedule which will bind them tighter than the ties that hold the kingdom together. But war is on the horizon, with a massacre of Elementals around the corner and the greed, fear of an entire government turning against them. For those without power, those with power are the greatest enemy.

    The left behind:

    A post apocalyptic world, built on the ashes and bones of the world that came before. Two strangers, mutated in someway, must band together- whether they like it or not. As suspicion turns into trust, the bond between these two people will grow but will it withstand the test of battle and the truth of the great war that destroyed their world.

    Believe it or not ( boy ] is a seventeen year old father. He's had a baby with a girl in his past relationship. Though, she had sadly left him just a few months after the baby had been born. ( boy ] was left with a son/daughter to take care off all on his own. He threw away his teenage life or the child and would hardly regret doing so. Well one day, he takes his child to the mall where he had hoped to hang out for a bit with a couple of his friends. But ( child ] had soon wandered off and sat on a strangers lap. This stranger was named ( girl ] & the toddler had started playing with her until ( boy ] came towards them. He deeply apologizes and soon ask for her name. They chat for a bit and ( girl ] is completely convinced that the child is ( boy ]'s little sibling. Sadly, ( boy ] doesn't deny her assumption because he is afraid she will stop talking to him if she finds out the truth.

    A princess of a kingdom is going to marry a prince of another kingdom so that they will stop battling. However, she's been dating one of the kingdoms servants, and she's more in love with him than ever. Will she be able to run away with him or will they be stuck in the castle forever?

    A marriage of convenience, between a princess and a prince to end a war and save their respective kingdoms. But she is accompanied by her private guard, a knight who had loved her for many years and though he cannot have her, he will strive to make her happy no matter what. But will he withstand seeing the love of his life in an unhappy marriage?

    Alright... That's it for now! I will add more later!
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  2. I like your plot ideas for the post apocolyptic world and the arranged marriages. Are you interested in roleplaying one of those?
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  3. Sure, Apocalyptic world is open. Feel free to shoot me a PM.
  4. If you're still open to it, the Left Behind idea sounds like a good one. It'd love to try it!
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  5. Sure, I'll shoot you a PM now.
  6. I love the Elementals idea! Still open? :D

    EDIT: I just read through the other ideas, and I also love the Boy/father meeting the girl who assumes that the child is the boy's brother!

    I love both of the ideas, and I'd love to do either or both! ^^
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  7. ooohh..I'm interested in 'Doomed to die' if you're still looking :]
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  8. Sure, send a PM through!
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