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  1. Howdy hey there follow RPers!
    As the little description thingy says I'm a new member and I haven't had the change to roleplay yet on this forum, so I'm posting here to fix that!

    I'm cool with any gender as long as there is romance, eventual romance that you have to work up to. I'm really flexible when it comes to plot, so let me know if you have an idea or just a theme you've been itching to play out and we can brainstorm a super awesome plot! :)
    I should also mention that I'm a length lover. I post about five paragraphs per post and take time with my replies.

    So if you like length and are up for an awesome roleplay, hit me up! I'm very very excited to begin writing. :)
  2. Hello there, I would like to rp with you x)
    I mostly play female roles and I can do almost any genre (almost) I have checked your roleplay resume, you can go and check mine then we can brainstorm ideas ^^
  3. Hello :) Very nice to meet you!
    I play mostly female as well, but I'm trying to begin working out of my comfort zone. I have read your resume and I see you're quite like me, in the way you roleplay pretty much anything haha. So tell me, is there anything you've been really wanting to incorporate or a theme you'd like to do in something? Secret agents? Super heroes? It doesn't really matter but we'll need a good place to start.
  4. It feels like I have done a lot of serious modern roleplays lately, maybe something fantasy related or with magic ? :9
  5. Hmmmmm magic, you say... Let me lay out a scene for you and see if you like it. Feel free to make contributions and make changes.

    The human race wiped the surface of its planet clean with nuclear warfare, and only a small percentage of people survived. During the war these people were all exposed to a certain type of nuclear radiation that didn't effect them but effected their eggs and sperm. Thirty years after the war civilization is at it's minimum. People are slowly beginning to repopulate and something strange is happening. Some children are being born with powers unknown to that of any previous man, some can summon rain and shoot lightning. Others make the earth vibrate at will. These powers only get worse as time goes on, and before they are able to get worse soldiers from The Capital come and collect the children and place them in a certain school. In this school they are taught not to use their powers and to obey only the King who runs the only known city located in the middle of the desert.

    So we have a few options here. We can have them in school where they secretly practice magic and fall in love or something. Or we could have them break out of the school, and would be constantly chased by guards. Or they could maybe meet up outside of school if one of them had never been captured and was on the run. You can pick!
  6. Hmm.. can we do it like this, one of or characters are going in school then the other person get forced in to the school without wanting to go there. (she/he have been able to hide for a long time from them) They meet eachother in the school and starts to like eachother and then maybe love eachother. Also after some time the person that came to the school latest (is that a word? later maybe is better xD hahah) convince the other one to escape with him/her.

    What about it?
  7. That sounds good, I'll be the one who gets captured and is forced into the Academy. :) Now, would you like to be the boy or girl? Either way my character will be very stubborn haha.
  8. I would prefer the girl ^^ I tried to play guys a lot when I started out roleplaying but it didn't work out as good xD hahah Should you or I start the rp?
  9. That sounds fine, and if you want you can start since I have to go eat dinner. :p Oh and I hope you don't mind I'll be picking out a picture of my guy. You don't have to, I just like to. x3
  10. haha ok, I always take out photos of my characters xD I'll do the post and hopefully I'm done when you have finnished eating ;)
  11. Btw what should we name it? xD *I'm so bad at names*
  12. Uhhh I'm the worst at names hahaha! Maybe "The Taste of Freedom" or "Magic is Freedom" or something really really lame like that.
  13. Hahha I will go for the first name xD I shall start the writing now x)
  14. Okie dokie :) Haha I hope you're pleased with the guy I picked. And if you're not at least I will be. Smoking hot perfection and I don't even know who he is.
    Aaaaanyway just let me know when you're done. :9 I'mma go eats!
  15. Very nice, I will begin replying immediately!
  17. That was pretty bad compared to my usual posts haha. Oh well, sorry about that!
  18. @ modestmonster

    Would you be interested in playing a male in a male x female one on one?