Hello from Utah!

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  1. Hello there Iwaku members!

    I'm a 17 y/o old teenage girl that is from Salt Lake City, Utah. I've played gaiaonline for several years and was referred to Iwaku recently by one of the admins. :) I enjoy role playing and the all the fun that comes along with it! I hope you guys can give me a few tips and tricks here and there. I really love meeting new people so I cannot wait to get started. :D
  2. May-Chan! Welcome to Iwaku! <3
  3. Nino-chan! :downcat:
    I'm so excited to get started!

  4. Welcome!

    I only joined recently myself and looking for an RP partner too. I'd love to chat. Let me know if you're looking for any particular style of plot.

    Otherwise, welcome.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku if you need any help feel free to ask and if you want to join some RPs you can ask me and I can invite you to a few RPs Im in.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.