Hello from GloryofApollo

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  1. Hey it's newbie GOA here :) I was recently bitten by the RP forum bug last month, so I hope to RP as often as possible since ill be joining the Corps next month (oorah!)
    Typically I'd play a Witch, since I've already got a good grasp on magic from being a Wiccan in real life. But I'm pretty creative, so I could whip something up if its a nonmagic world :)
    Anyway, that's my intro, see y'all on the boards!
  2. So, I am a little sick and very tired. And I thought your username was "GloryholeApollo" and I say here snickering for a few moments before I read it right. >>;;;

    Welcome to Iwaku, where the administration is not very smart! 8D