Hello Friends, New and Old!



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Why hello hello hello. I'll introduce myself as my Screen name, Zeloreon. I used to browse the original, old old Iwaku some-odd years ago. I think... maybe... 4 or 5 years ago? Back around with GabrielZero and Paorou, Asmodeus and Annebonny. I'm not sure if any of those names mean anything here but I'm looking forward to seeing what the new Iwaku has to offer.

I haven't gotten around to customizing my profile yet, but, When I get to it, I'll make it good. *Shrug*

Asmo's still an Admin, Pao's still on the site, Anne visits occasionally. There's still some original members here.

Welcome back to the site, glad to see you!

If you need anything at all, contact me. ^.^ It's so nice to see old members return.
Didn't you go by several names and already made a comeback some time ago?

Anyway, welcome back.
hello and welcome to New Iwaku, our state fruit is what you like *I guess.* Anyway my name is Shadow (snowy) Ike, leader of the Silverwing wolf pack, please call me Ike. If you have any other questions about the site please feel free to ask.
Welcome -back- to the site.
Zel. o___o

You may or may not remember me, buuuut I sure remember you~

Welcome back, dude! <3
I'm part of the starting-to-rust-a-bit-around-the-edges-but-still-shiny-in-places guard. I.E. Joined just after the new Iwaku came to be. Vay's the name, projects and rp support moddings the game. If you have any problems adjusting give me a shout.
Welcome back to Iwaku, where things change every six months yet always stay the same. XD
Welcome *back* the Iwaku! ^^
I'm Miru, and it's a pleasure to welcome an oldie.
I joined....a month or two before we moved to space-kitten.org, actually, sooooo....*Newbie status compared to others* =P
Anyway, it's a pleasure. I hope I catch you in an RP sometime. =P
PM me if you need help. ^^
It's nice to see some new and old faces. Glad to see I'm welcome.

@fluffy: Hmm... Fluffy... fluffy... fluff- ee? Fuff-lee? Fluffy...

Oh I remember You!... Vagueley... >_> *Shame*
Oh good, I thought you ditched us again, but you didn't!