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  1. Umm...hello there :)

    I'm new to this forum (duh) and to roleplaying in general.

    I like playing video games, I'm currently studying math (yes I'm a nerd) and I like programming as a hobby.
    As you might guess from my avatar, I'm a brony :D

    My native country is Germany. I hope my English is good enough :)

    I'm looking forward to see you around :)
  2. Guten Tag! <- about ten percent of what she knows of the German language.

    Welcome to the marvelous and kinda scary and quite possibly addictive world of roleplaying in general and Iwaku in particular. I hope you'll like it here! :D
  3. Greetings stranger, and new friend! Welcome to the site. You may call me Hollow and ask me for help any time you need. I like making friends! Love it in fact. So hopefully you won't find my randomness weird. I like programming too, but I suck at math, I'm more for animation and arts, and game designing
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! ^-^

    Your a gamer! And do programming! Awesome XD

    I hope you have fun on Iwaku and feel free to pop me a pm if you would like to start a rp.
  5. Wilkommen! Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Ich lerne. Wie geht es dir?

    Which sorts of video games do you like to play?
  6. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm german as well ;) Hope you will have fun here!
  7. Thank you guys :)
    I'm mostly playing Minecraft and LoL.
  8. Hi there stranger :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.