Hello, Everyone!

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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm new here and I'm pretty excited about joining this community! Everything looks like so much fun and I cannot wait to start role-playing here. Call me Ava or Echo, which ever makes you happiest. Nice to meet everyone! (:
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  2. Welcome to the Community Ava.
  3. Thanks! Nice to meet you!
  4. Love the name and Avatar! Welcome aboard and have fun!
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  5. Welcome to the community glad to have you here :)
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  6. Thanks! :D
  7. Echo. >:3 Hello there, and welcome!
  8. Thanks, Diana! :3
  9. Welcome, Avalon!

    Pleased to meet you. I luuurve to help new people get involved so here we go.

    Do you like to roleplay?
    Come check out what's new and interesting!

    Do you like randomness?
    Come join our craziness!

    Have a question?
    Check here :D

    Any other questions feel free to shoot someone, myself included of course, a PM! We are all very friendly and welcoming. *eyes members* Right??
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  10. Welcome Avalon. That really is a gorgeous Avatar. Is it a mosaic or fractal art maybe?
  11. Thanks for being so nice! Everyone's been so welcoming!
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  12. It's like a mandala. I love it so much....the shades of blue are just lovely.