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  1. Hi I am new to this site, I was shown this roleplay site by a friend who I know on another site. While I might be new here, I am not new to roleplays and have been doing them since 2004 so about ten years now. I love to do all kinds of roleplays so I am up for anything if anyone is interested in doing a roleplay don't be afraid to ask!

    If you are interested in seeing some of my work, you can look me up on google under thegothicbeauty2 gaia online. That is where I first started. Yes some of my original posts were short, but as I progressed I started to do paragraphs. The funny thing is, I used an ipod for the first few years of my roleplay adventures.

    Anyways, a few characters I like to do are:

    unruly girls
    submissive boys
    sometimes masters (caution though, they tend to be VERY aggressive)
    shota boys
    demi god/goddess
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  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  3. Hi there Gothic! :D Welcome to the site!
  4. Thank you very much! I am sure I will have fun on here, I just hope to get into an rp soon >.<
  5. Hi Gothic :D Welcome to iWaku ^-^
  6. Hiya, Gothic! Bahiyya here, all up in your thread. Just wanted to give you a warm welcome to this here site. Iwaku welcomes you with open arms!
  7. thanks for all the warm welcomes! I feel loved lol
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  8. Welcome! And I am pretty sure you'll get into many RPs soon. Heck, just ask some people you notice have a style you like. That's how I have some of the ones I am in now!