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  1. Aloha! Guten tag! Kon'nichiwa! Haloo! and Nihao everybody! I am he of many pseudonyms, a long-time roleplayer who has been around since the days of MSN Groups, where I started as a wee lamb, whiskers barely tickling my chin. (though now I'm an old goat! XD)

    Anyway, it's been a quite a while since the last time I was in an rp site, and I thought I'd join, and harken back to my days of yonder, when I was a doe-eyed youth, and perhaps make some new acquaintances along this fun-filled path.

    I may be a bit rusty, so please be gentle!

    ^_^ It is nice to join you all,

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  2. Hehe. Mabuhay. You probably don't know what that means but its just a welcome greeting in Filipino. (Though you might not even know what that is either. Haha. -w-)

    But anyways, you have quite the resume. I didn't even know there was such things as msn groups honestly. Go on ahead and read some of our rules and regulations if you haven't already and feel free to ask questions. We'll be able to shine you up to tippy top condition!

    Welcome again and Happy Plotting~
  3. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm October nice to meet you!
  4. XD Sa katunayan ko alam ang pagbati! At isang halo sa iyo pati na rin. ^_^

    Thank you both for the greeting. I look forward to my time with you!
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    Hahahaha. Omg another Filipino. ;_;

    Though I'll admit I'm still rather rusty with my Tagalog and Bisaya. Raised in America and now in America as well. -w-

    But anywaaay, which island are you from? I'm obviously from Midanao. :33
  6. XD *blushes lightly* Unfortunately, I'm not Filipino- As it is, I'm actually about as white as a white guy can get- purely American with European decent here- Finnish, Scottish, Irish, English, and Germanic.

    Though, I've always been facinated with foreign culture, and I find the Filipino languge to be quite beautiful.
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  7. Wow. I should be the one blushing here. Because I totally am. D,:

    Not that I dislike you anymore then I did a few moments ago but damn. A rather comical moment if I do say so myself. And it's pretty obvious you like different countries, not that it's a bad thing. In fact its a rather positive thing~ But still you know how to speak Filipino and your totally awesome for that omg. owo

    we should totes rp sometime lol
  8. XD Nah, you don't need to blush- It would be quite easy to mistake me for being from the islands with the line I laid down, lol!

    ^_^ Anyway, let me just say once again that it's wonderful to make your aquaintance! Even though my cheeks are rosey, I have chuckled through it.

    Anyway, I'd totally be willing to rp sometime! ^^ I actually started a new rp this morning in the jump ins section if you are interested.
  9. I shouldn't but I still am. Haha. -w-

    And yeah it's been a bucket of laughter meet you too Knives! I hope you stay on Iwaku for a long time~

    Hehe, I don't really find myself around the jump-ins that much but hey, maybe I'll come by and see how things are developing and even possibly jump in myself! ^u^
  10. :3 Then we can be slightly embarrassed together then! XD That way, we both get our way.

    ^^ Sounds like fun! Also, if you ever need another body for an rp, I'm a pretty deft hand, and am capable of playing any role needed.
  11. Awesome-sauce. Expect me to hit you up soon though! :3
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  12. ^_~ I shall await your summons with baited breath.