Hello Everyone!

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  1. Hello I'm new here and i'm looking forward to maybe making some RP buddies... Ive been RPing since i was 12 im 22 now... haven't RPed in over i think 3 years and i really miss it and wanna get back into it. My favorite type of RPs would have to be Medieval Fantasy cuz i can go crazy with character customization and story... I love me some video games also... what else to say... Im always up to RP even if im having a crappy day... they tend to make me feel better XD
    If anyone wants to know straight forward... I dont do MxM! i do MxF and if your lucky i may do FxF if you bug me enough about it. I'm a more of a 1on1 kind of person... makes the RP seems easier to follow other then 10 people posting and your trying to keep track of all of them. Im not a fan of one liners nor am i a fan of reading an essay every post :P

    Cant think of anything else at the moment but feel free to talk to me! Sorry if i sounded like a jerk somewhere in there x.x
  2. Well, Welcome to Iwaku, Riku! I'll tell you what I tell every other newbie I greet, If you need anything, I've always got fresh cookies and good advice!
  3. Thank you! Cookies and advice are always welcome! :D