Hello everyone.

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  1. Hello all, I'm DJ Kalashnikov, or simply Nik.

    I registered the other day and never made it around to posting this.
    (I blame the alcohol, it was totally not my fault though I had planned on posting!)

    The weekdays are my weekends. I work all weekend.
    It sort of sucks, but then again I do only work three days a week.
    Can't complain.

    Anywho! I enjoy Sci-Fi roleplays as well as high fantasy and modern era.
    I only play males, and I refuse to play characters with physical handicaps.
    Some of my favorite types of roleplays revolve around war, conquest, turmoil, and death.
    I love roleplaying warring factions, clans, etc.etc.

    <3 Vampires. (The blood suckers, not the sparkling ones.)
    <3 Werewolves.

    And I normally play evil or downright psychotic characters.

    Think that's about it!
    Looking forward to roleplaying with you all.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Nik.

    I worked on the weekends for a long time, too. It was nice having all that time off for RP!

    Anyway. WELCOME!
  3. Hiii! Welcome to Iwaku. Please be sure to grab a MED-PAK as you enter the arena and beware of ZOMBEHS lurking about. You may use a variety of objects as weapons so be sure to pick wisely. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the welcome, and yeah It's pretty nice having the week off to do whatever I wanna.

    I will do so, and will choose my supar-dupar chainsaw.
    Blood 'n guts err'wherr. o=