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  1. Hello, i'm Shaun, introductions are not my forte...so please bear with me! ^^'

    I hope I'll get to know a great majority of you folks on Iwakuroleplay. I've traveled many lands to get here, aka. Google. I've been trying to find a site to use for role playing, but some haven't turned out so great—hopefully that won't happen here.

    I love writing, especially when using it to role play. It gives me a since of escape per se, from my day to day life. My characters often revolve around me—usually they're from different parts of my mind. You may notice the slight personality difference between the few of them. One may be quite shy and timid, and one may be extremely playful and out going!

    I'm going to cut the introduction here. If you'd like to talk or possibly role play with me, do private message me, or comment on this thread. (Again, not too sure on how to get into contact with people T~T)

    Thank you for taking your time to read my little..."introduction"...I feel like I ranted more than saying "hello!". Anyways, have a great day, and happy holidays!

    Sincerely, your favorite person.

    P.S. Yes...I'm a female. "Shaun" is unisex. "Shawn" and "Sean" are male...at least I think so... >,<
  2. Hiiii ! ^^ I am Hollow!
  3. Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you Hollow! How're you?
  4. Im great ^^ you?
    Your gonna love this site. If you need help just ask^^
  5. I'm well! Thank you for asking sweetheart~ I'll keep you in mind! I hope to become good friends. ^///^
  6. *smiles* when ever you wanna rp just send me a message or on my profile page^^
  7. Will do! I'll probably do that now, and we can talk a bit before I sleep~
  8. Hi Shaun!! I'm Jinx :D
    I'm new to the site to though it looks like we both traveled the vast land known as Google to get here :D
  9. Welcome!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.