Hello Everyone, I'm new!

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  1. I am ClumsyCalamity, and I've been RPing for a few years on and off. I've looked into a few sites but nothing that has really drawn me in. I am hoping that this place is awesome and all that fun stuff! XD For the most part I like RPing Fantasy and SciFi, but I'm up for most things.

    I'm 24, turning 25 next month and I live in Canada. I enjoy cooking, doodling and thinking up new and interesting rp ideas.

    If you wanna know anything, just ask. ^_^

  2. Howdy Calamity! :D We're happy to have you join us!
  3. Aye, welcome to the site. I'm a somewhat new member myself and I love it here, so I'm sure you'll have no problems fitting right in. Don't forget to check out the FAQ & Rules accessible from the drop-down tabs or the main page, then stop by in the chatterbox to say hello.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Calamity!
  5. Welcome into this den of stories that is known as Iwaku ^^
    If you feel like fantasy or sci-fi, and care for a group, feel free to check mine out :3
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  6. Thanks everyone! I've been looking about the forums and really like the feel of this site. I can't wait to get started!
Thread Status:
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