Hello Everyone! ^_^

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  1. What is up everybody? I`m Chester, but you can call me Luís if you want (though it`s not so kewl :c)!

    I`m 18 years-old, and I´m from Porto. I am studying Chemical Engineering.

    I love roleplaying! Since I have met the epic Final Fantasy` sequel, I`m addicted to it. I prefer adventure roleplays and any type of adventures are fun! :)

    I do more Group roleplays because I think it is more interactive and not so humdrum.

    At my free times I love listening to music (Rock mainly), playing guitar, hanging out with my friends and playing MMORPG (is there someone who plays RIFT?).

    Currently I`m listening to Dream Theater - Take The Time. Btw, Dream Theater is my favorite band.

    I think that`s it :p
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  2. *bows* Greeting Stranger, pleasure to meet you.
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  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Chester! I hope you settle in well and enjoy roleplaying!! I joined not too long ago and wanted to feel welcome, and was glad when people made me feel that way. I thought I would do the same, so I hope you have a great time! :confetti:
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  4. Cool. Dream Theatre is a great band. I've been on a Mastodon tear as of late.

    I also play music. Guitar, bass, drum and vocals.
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  5. *Bows* Hello there new comer. I am Hiroki Shoma and i am welcoming you to Iwaku. *Stands straight and hands a golden card with my name and info on it.* If you want a friend or simply want to Rp, let me know.
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  6. Hello Chester, welcome to Iwaku!
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  7. Greetings Luis, welcome to the siiiiiiite!
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