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  1. Because it's always midnight somewhere, heheheh...

    I'm QuietlyStalkingShadows, Shadows or "Shads" for short. I'm 25 years old; going to get that on the table now because I'm not sure what the general age range of this community is and I want no confusion there. I'm a horror fan, and that includes all horror, but I prefer psychological and Lovecraftian horror most. I also enjoy action tales. Bonus points to anyone who can ID where my avatar's from, or who's in the avatar. ;)

    I've had some experience in roleplay before, and currently run my own ongoing group of Call of Cthulhu (a horror tabletop RPG, CoC for short) players. Yes, I'm a GM - and I've been one for about 4 years now! I am still learning however, and would love to swap tips with other Horror GMs. If anyone is interested in CoC or would like to learn how to play, I am willing to oblige and teach the game - I might even run a few short things for it, however due to my schedule I am not sure how often I will be able to do so.

    I'm a college student and am therefore not on often. I am a Cell and Molecular Biology Major and I have many labs and lots of homework I'm doing this semester, which makes it difficult for me to keep up here. I will do my best however, and for that reason I prefer quicker-paced RPs so that I can do it all in one or a few sittings. I am mostly interested in one-shots and quick scenarios with throwaway characters for that reason; do not expect me to get heavily involved in long, ongoing plots. I just don't have the time.

    Other things about me: I craft, making all my own cosplays and CoC props by hand. I draw and write as well; I have some experience in both and I have been writing for almost my entire life. I have a keen interest in the history of the Jazz era, microbiology, and anything oddball. Most things don't scare me badly. I tend to swear like a sailor once you get to know me; if you're offended by that please let me know when I RP with you so things don't get uncomfortable.

    That's about all. And lo, the floodgates open.

    Or a hello is better. Hello! O_O Welcome to here!
  3. Well hello there, let us craft something thrilling. I do hope you enjoy it here in the community.
  4. Weeeelcome to Iwaku~
  5. Oh hey thereeeee fellow cell and molecular biology person! I'm only 21, but I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I'm also in lab a... lot, and have schoolwork to deal with, though I actually take the opposite route for that. I like suuuper slow-posting RP's so that the pressure isn't on too high for me to post quickly (I'm a naturally slow person), but when I do post I can do paragraphs at a time. I've never GM'ed anything that's lasted longer than a week, though it may help to note that I also only started RPing about three years ago. I hatehatehate horror, because just about everything freaks me out, my imagination most of all, and I started writing in middle school, so not super long. Can't draw for my life, though I do like to draw up blueprints of houses that I headcanon. Through RP I obsess over character development, and when I write on my own I obsess over worldbuilding.

    ANYWAYS, very nice to meet you, I hope you like it here! The typical age range here as far as I've seen is late teens to mid-twenties, but there are also plenty of older folk (not many younger causa the 13-year age cup). You sound fearsome cool, oh, and if you're interested we have a newbie care package, though it sounds like you might not need it.
  6. Thanks all, I've been reading several of the guides and such and have found them very helpful.

    Firejay, I like your avatar. :3
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  7. Welcome to Iwaku Shadows!! ♥♥
  8. Hey Shadow welcome to Iwaku. Your avatar looks like a shot of Slenderman from the Marble Hornets series. Am I right ;3?
  9. Hi, Shadows! Hot dang, looks like you know exactly what you want. =D That's pretty cool! Are you finding everything alright? Need any help?
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