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Hey everyone! Name's Pi, though if anyone comes up with other nicknames, I'll no doubt respond.
I'm female, if you couldn't guess from the handle, and have just turned 23 (and still trucking through college... /headdesk). I actually have an AA in Japanese, though where I live that doesn't add up to much so I'm going back to school for some kind of BA... I think...

Honestly, I haven't roleplayed in three or four years. I used to hang around Avidgamers a lot before both AG and AG2 vanished. After that I didn't really have anywhere to go and didn't feel like putting in a whole lot of energy to finding a new site. Recently the characters in my head have been acting up and I decided it was high time to get back into rping. ;)

Typically I enjoy fantasy, light sci-fi (sci-fi tends to be a problem for me 'cause I feel the need to explain everything), and modern settings. I have a plethora of characters, but I tend toward ladies who have tomboy tendencies.

A precaution: I'm on the tail-end of a really hectic quarter and may not post much of actual substance for the next three or four weeks... I just really couldn't resist the urge to join this little slice of internet heaven. :)
Well hello and welcome! >:D Iwaku is a good place to step back in to RPing, even with hectic college schedules. Lots of people are getting eaten alive by them right now. XD
Welcome to the site, Pi. I have a friend irl that is nicknamed Pi....

Anyways.Hope you enjoy your time here.
Hi Pi. 3.14 backwards spells PIE. :D

Welcome to Iwaku.