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  1. Hello All. I am a first timer to this particular roleplay forum. I have experience with roleplay on other forums/sites. If you wish to welcome or include me to any of your roleplays, I will try my best to compliment said roleplays nicely with my characters and ideas. I struggle with perfection though, it is a quirk of mine that I can work past most of the time but sometimes it does get the better of me. I have scraped many projects I have done because I have this need to be the best, mainly to be better than my own capabilities. I can work well with most any kind of roleplay, except for Sci-fi, and wish to join the fun of any roleplay one could present. A definate plus to any of which are based on my favorite game, Haunting Ground.
  2. Hello there Miss Daniella and welcome to the community!
    You can call me Vanille ^^
    If you need any kind of help please let us know.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! You can call me Cica, Trix, Scar, or whatever other nickname you might see within CicatrixDraconum. If you're ever looking for something to do on here or need help with something just let me know!
  4. I welcome you to our humble community. I know for sure that you will find more RP then you could ever digest if you should seek it. But if you find yourself wanting RP albeit one on one, fnatasy, jump in, organized or ect...ect...ect...

    Do not hesitate to flood my profile or PM box with messages. I am always looking for new ways to introduce my Original characters and love to have my mind tested.

    Lastly tread carefully the plot bunnies have a hunger that no amount of flesh can sedate...I advise purchasing a holy hand grenade or two. Luckily for you I run a humble candy and weapon shop. We are always stock on your enviromentally friendly explosives.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. It is nice to meet you all and I do hope to become better acquainted with you soon in the form of tasty roleplays. I am very anxious to get started!
  6. Hallo there Daniella! 8D Welcome to the community!