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  1. As you have most likely already guessed just by looking at this, I am looking for some more partners! Things have started to slow down and even out in my life, and I have found that I have more and more time for stuff like RPing.

    Now, onto stuff and things about plots and my expectations.

    I currently don't have any plots in my head, but I love brainstorming and coming up with ideas with my partners! I can do just about any genre, be it simple slice of life, raunchy libertine, gore filled horror, or anything in between. I tend to have rather morbid and macabre interests and fascinations, and anything that can introduce those would be absolutely lovely! Now, I'm not saying that the RPs have to have it, but it would help spice things up a bit.

    However, I will not do things that involve furries. I just find it all rather weird and would much prefer to stay way from it.

    So, if any of you lovely people would be interested, shoot me a pm and we can come up with something!
  2. What gender pairings are you comfortable doing?
  3. I'm fine with MxM, MxF, FxF, FxM, or really any gender pairings.
  4. Would you be willing to do a MxM pairing? I have a newly made character and I've been dying to use him. I can pm you his cs if you want?
  5. Sounds good to me!
  6. I have quite a bit of genres and pairings I am willing to do, if you are still searching I am interested.

    My only paranormal one that I had is no longer going so we could do something along those lines. ^_^
  7. I would love to do something with you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.