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  1. Hi, My names Cinos, Cinos shadowcat, you can call me Cinos, Shadow, or some of my friends call me Kitty.
    umm...I am a guy for the most part, well as far as im concerned I am a guy XD
    umm, in terms of roleplaying, I have been doing it for about six years now, and frankly, I love doing it, its an awesome past time. umm...in terms for how I pefer, normally I don' mind rping in a group, sadly, when I do so, it makes rping hard for me, so I normally prefer rping one on one, bit please by all means I wouldn't mind doing group rps. well...honestly I love playing in the snow, but at the same time, snuggling the fire sounds like fun as well, but don't wanna get too close, I don't like burns.

    I know its been playing in everyones heads...WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY!!!???

    umm...I think that's it for now...I hope I can enjoy role playing with everyone here and anyone who doesn't mind doing so...
  2. Don't let that snow fool you. It's evil stuff.



    *eye twitch*

    But yeah, welcome to le site. Don't be afraid to send me a message if you wanna to the whole role-playing thing~


    That damned song. t___t

    Anyway, welcome to the community Cinos! :D
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Cinos! Or Kitty! Or that one guy!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku RPer ^^
    Hope you enjoy your stay ;)
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, mate. Don't forget to poke your head into the FAQ/Rules sections so you know what's up. Otherwise, enjoy your stay!
  7. Hello! Welcome Mr. Kitty.
  8. Hello!^_^

    And this is probably a stupid question,

    But what does the fox say???
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.