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I'm back after a two (or three) year hiatus and so much has changed! Last time I was here it was all S&M and Master/Slave stuff. Wasn't quite my forte so I gracefully bowed out, but after hitting rock bottom last night I decided I should try this again....

Just to ensure myself that I'm not alone in the world. To keep myself busy. To keep the suicidal tendencies at bay.

I'm going to wander 'round the site some, get to know the nooks and crannies again, maybe run into some familiar faces, maybe post a roleplay I've got nibbling at my brain...

Question, though? Last time there were "adult" and "teen" sub-categories. "adult" implying there was 18+ content. Is that kind of thing still accepted? If so, where? Don't want to break any rules or cross any boundaries.....

So! I have a laptop of my own so I'll try to be on more (was wondering what to use this expensive paperweight for other than applying for jobs...) and I'll check in on my account with my phone sometimes so I'll know if I have anything.

I honestly didn't think this site would still be here. I've been a member for... gosh I don't even know how long. six, seven years? At least 4, that's when I was back in job corps (I'm the one that introduced this site to the campus, lol!) I'm just... very glad you're still here. I really needed to come home to you guys today.


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Yes, @luvablelilmonster , the adult and teen categories do still exist.
I believe they go by Liberteen and Libertine now.
Liberteen being for those 17- and Libertine being for those 18+

Welcome back to Iwaku. ^^
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