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  1. Hello little creatures with magical writing. I am Pepper and oddly enought I don't have much to say about me. Right now I am during my finals and my way to adulthood, to university to which I am not too happy about. I am fond of myths, twisted tales, stories and so on, but more importanly a good writed plot.
    I can't wait to met you guys and bewitch you ! Prepear 'cause I came to make a name of myself ! ​
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  2. I would love to rp with you if you would like, we could rp anything. that's if you're looking for a rp partner
  3. Sure ^^ why not. I am up for anything, but I have to say that I more toward quality than quantity >.<
  4. Do u like Sherlock or Hannibal?

    do u have facebook?
  5. Sherlock.
    For the moment no, I am busy with the finals at the moment. Well, two more exams and I am free,somehow.
  6. Great! We could do a Sherlock rp if you would like. We could do It through email, if you have email.
  7. Here it is ok ? Maybe to open a threat somewhere else, honestly I don't want a warning on my first day >.<
  8. yeah that's fine. I was thinking we could do a rp where Sherlock works with Moriarty. What you think about that?
  9. we cud do it over message on here if u like
  10. Ok. I am up with, but why it works with Moriarty ? Shouldn't at the middle by a catch ? Indeed I wnjoyed the series. I am sorry, but I am up to rule person, yea, I break rules, ut I don't think that here will be the proper place for a role-play.
  11. Greetings, new comer, welcome to iwaki.
    I would love RP with you,
  12. My, my! New person in town..:)

    Ello little stranger. Please enjoy your time here, as they are plenty places to go find a good RP especially in the Jump In Section or Sci-fi or Fantasy.

    Whoosh!! Tiger Power!~ * giggles badly in a corner*

    Take care ^^
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  13. well, we don't have to do 1 like that we could a romantic 1, like Sherlock n john or something. well, where could you like to rp then?
  14. Omfg omfg I gain power ! People replay to me ! -hide in a corner-
    @HollowEastWord - Ay Ay captain ! Thank you ! I am open like a freaking bird of night ...
    @PureKor - Yes and this little one want's to shake the world !
    @Charlotte Ann Stenlake - As I said I am put for anything, but I am not for one liner kind of role-play. I love grammar and spelling to be right. I know I am not a saint with English grammar since is my second language, but still.
  15. that's fine. Would you want to do it on messages here or where would you like to do it?
  16. @Charlotte Ann Stenlake - can we leave it on other time ? Now I have to rush and study, but I will be back in a 6 hours I think
  17. okay that's fine. just message when ur free
  18. Greetings Pepper, Welcome to the community.
  19. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  20. Welcome to Iwaku Pepper ^-^
    Hope you'll enjoy RPing with the lot of us on here