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Hello ^_^

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Pepper, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Hello little creatures with magical writing. I am Pepper and oddly enought I don't have much to say about me. Right now I am during my finals and my way to adulthood, to university to which I am not too happy about. I am fond of myths, twisted tales, stories and so on, but more importanly a good writed plot.
    I can't wait to met you guys and bewitch you ! Prepear 'cause I came to make a name of myself ! ​
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  2. I would love to rp with you if you would like, we could rp anything. that's if you're looking for a rp partner
  3. Sure ^^ why not. I am up for anything, but I have to say that I more toward quality than quantity >.<
  4. Do u like Sherlock or Hannibal?

    do u have facebook?
  5. Sherlock.
    For the moment no, I am busy with the finals at the moment. Well, two more exams and I am free,somehow.
  6. Great! We could do a Sherlock rp if you would like. We could do It through email, if you have email.
  7. Here it is ok ? Maybe to open a threat somewhere else, honestly I don't want a warning on my first day >.<
  8. yeah that's fine. I was thinking we could do a rp where Sherlock works with Moriarty. What you think about that?
  9. we cud do it over message on here if u like
  10. Ok. I am up with, but why it works with Moriarty ? Shouldn't at the middle by a catch ? Indeed I wnjoyed the series. I am sorry, but I am up to rule person, yea, I break rules, ut I don't think that here will be the proper place for a role-play.
  11. Greetings, new comer, welcome to iwaki.
    I would love RP with you,
  12. My, my! New person in town..:)

    Ello little stranger. Please enjoy your time here, as they are plenty places to go find a good RP especially in the Jump In Section or Sci-fi or Fantasy.

    Whoosh!! Tiger Power!~ * giggles badly in a corner*

    Take care ^^
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  13. well, we don't have to do 1 like that we could a romantic 1, like Sherlock n john or something. well, where could you like to rp then?
  14. Omfg omfg I gain power ! People replay to me ! -hide in a corner-
    @HollowEastWord - Ay Ay captain ! Thank you ! I am open like a freaking bird of night ...
    @PureKor - Yes and this little one want's to shake the world !
    @Charlotte Ann Stenlake - As I said I am put for anything, but I am not for one liner kind of role-play. I love grammar and spelling to be right. I know I am not a saint with English grammar since is my second language, but still.
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  15. that's fine. Would you want to do it on messages here or where would you like to do it?
  16. @Charlotte Ann Stenlake - can we leave it on other time ? Now I have to rush and study, but I will be back in a 6 hours I think
  17. okay that's fine. just message when ur free
  18. Greetings Pepper, Welcome to the community.
  19. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  20. Welcome to Iwaku Pepper ^-^
    Hope you'll enjoy RPing with the lot of us on here