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  1. Hello welcome. I do draw quite a bit, so i figured I'd collect them here

    All the things here are mine fully and utterly. Any one who uses my art without permission is subject to copyright laws and all that good stuff.



    Twitch plays pokemon fanart.
    A old char sketch

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  2. Hellis these are wonderful, I can't wait to see more :D
  3. [​IMG]

    A litle work in progress. One of my charachters for GRAVEDIGGERS, Dargos rp
  4. Colors DONE!

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  5. [​IMG] a updated version
  6. I really like your art, Hellis. :D The style and colors you use really catch my eye. Do keep sharing with us.
  7. [​IMG]

    Akira and his Muscle for Singularity City.
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  8. You got some groovy color combos going on in the few pictures you posted here. Do you think about adding any background settings for the characters you draw?

    I saw some more work when I past the request forum. I think it is really cool with you following through on all the requests sent your way. And you do a great job at giving them a nice piece of their choice. if you ever want to do a small art trade sometime, maybe we can come up with one together. That would be fun.
  9. Why thank you Blu, I'd love a art trade. Your stuff is legit amazing. As for backgrounds, I am terrible at them. Legit and downright terrible, having a hard time with basic perspective ;_;
  10. Dear Hellis, as at tattoo artist I make a some work that needs a lot of time to freehand or is outside my freehand comfort zone. To cut down on time to draw for more time to tattoo, we trace. We learn a lot from tracing as well and we have no shame in it.

    For the backgrounds, try to make a collage of real life images or find one photo thT would make a good scene for your characters. Make another layer and begin to traceguidelines of the form. And use that at first. Just Freehand the shadings and coloring for the background forms at first.

    It's just a suggestion. We learn a lot from tracing. To the point that we can freehand them later with markers on skin.

    It can save a lot of time, it isbaby steps, and at the end of the day e learn faster in it. You already have the good habit of drawing regularly.
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