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  1. She's (me) a normal teenager. She is a good student, never gets in trouble, and loves to make people smile. He's (you) a seemingly bad boy. But that's only because of his type....he's a demon. He was sent to earth to have a second chance and change his demonic ways and nothing seemed to be working until he met her. What will he be willing to do for her? Will she be the one that can change him?

    If you're interested, please post the following:

    Appearance (realistic please):
    Optional Bio:
  2. Mortal name: Alexander Holmes
    True name: Chondhi
    Age: Appears to be sixteen, is around eight hundred years old.
    Gender: Male.

    Personality: Alexander would seem on the outside to be a cold, blunt, and has a snarky kind of guy. but the truth is, hes a guy whos trying to do the right thing but as the saying goes, old habits die hard. He has a tather softer side to him, but his attempts to do right end up with him getting in some fight or argument because he couldn't shut his mouth or back down. He doesn't see it as a bad thing...but maybe he takes it a bit too far at times.

    Optional Bio: Alexander, or Chondhi, was born over eight hundred years ago and was born a demon. A being of evil and destruction. He tried to do what he was expected of, but his soft and tender side was apparent in his early years. The harsh nature of his peers quickly corrected that, playing tricks or even humiliating and embarrassing him. Alexander grew up to be cold, blunt, and even cruel to anything on the earthly or demonic realm.

    It was later that his conciseness caught up to him...and being chased by a group of angels, he decided it was time to start anew. Alexander formed a body of a teenage boy and created his own family in order to fit in. He saw it as his chance to finally start fresh...but he found old habits die hard, and his cold, cruel, and blunt persona was his first showing to the world. And that's how most see him.
  3. Name: Aviana Carter
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
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    Personality: Aviana, or Avi for short, can be described as the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She loves helping people and has a heart bigger than Texas. She trusts people easily but when someone takes that for granted, she gets revenge and her temper starts showing. She hates seeing someone hurting and will do anything she can to help. She has a huge soft spot for animals and enjoys music and helping them as well.

    Optional Bio: Being born into a middle class family, Aviana has always gotten what she wanted though she knows how to let things go when she's told no. She grew up with the responsibility of chores and taking care of her younger sister, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She was always regarded as they typical "popular girl" even though in reality she's nothing like that. She's always hated that stereotype and manages to keep most people away, especially the ones that only want to be friends with her for the money she has.

    A father that is a doctor and a mother that is a psychiatrist, Avi has enjoyed her life though she has been in her fair share of fights with jealous girls. She forces herself to ignore the haters and puts a smile on her face in order to keep up her routine.
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