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  1. You all know the deal, so I'll just start by throwing out Alexa's full CS.

    This'll start with a party, since everyone knows each other already.

    Alexa (open)

    Name: Alexa Judith Moorley

    Gender: female

    Age: 23

    Occupation: Art student, artist, works part-time for a company that hosts foam and glo-paint parties for clubs

    Strengths: Good fitness, cycling (she cycles everywhere), good upper body strength and coordination
    General Appearance: average height; grey eyes; arms, shoulders, part of her neck and upper back are covered in tattoos of her own design.

    Talents: Talented artist, specialises in timed art pieces, live painting set to music, can vary styles and techniques

    Inabilities: Not the best cook

    General Personality: Queen Bitch attitude, can be friendly but has a quick and fiery no-bullshit temper. Has a tendency to become violent if provoked. Fiercely independent and hardworking.

    Character Biography: Adopted at age 8 by a rich, childless couple. She showed a very strong natural artistic talent which they nurtured and allowed to develop, leading her to her current place at an art school. But she refuses to let them fund anything other than her tuition. She works at a bar/lounge as a performance painter, and also works for a company that hosts foam and glo-paint parties for area nightclubs. She hates the nightclub gig but it pays most of her bills. She also sells the original paintings that she creates at the lounge as well as other pieces she makes in between, but they currently just help her afford more art supplies.
    Alexa has been living in the house the longest, so has become the unofficial 'Queen Bitch', but she also is the one who takes care of calling for maintenance when shit breaks.

    Sexual Preference: Bisexual. I do prefer males for her, as she tends to be more bitchy towards males, but she promotes herself as the 'Bi-Bitch': biracial, bilingual, and bisexual (and sometimes she throws in bipolar as a joke)
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    Warren Eklund



    Part-time construction worker.

    Reading between the lines. Early morning runs and his part-time job make for good stamina and health.

    General Appearance
    Short brown, wavy hair. Dark brown eyes. Scandinavian facial features and a noticeable, muddled UK accent despite his Western way of speaking. Athletic build. Scruffy and often barefoot. Tattoos on his back and ribs. He wears comfy clothing most of the time, only wearing proper clothing when he has to leave the boarding house for work or class.

    Painting, specifically with acrylic on canvas. The violin.

    Confiding in others. Speaking without his accent.

    General Personality
    Withdrawn and quietly grumpy. He's antisocial, preferring solitude over company. He's not the kind to voluntarily explain himself or talk about his personal life. He could be best described as gloomy and irritable.

    Character Biography
    All anyone knows is that he doesn't speak about his family and hasn't spoken to them for nearly five years now. No one knows where he goes during the summer but he always returns at the start of the school year.

    Sexual Preference
    Bisexual, though he isn't known for actually dating.
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    Helena Bailey Doubek, goes by Bailey




    Practices yoga, and frequently jogs and swims in an attempt to stay as healthy as possible, given her bad habit. Working with heavy materials helps to keep her a little muscular.

    General Appearance:
    She keeps her blonde hair cropped short, rarely ever letting it get passed neck length. Stands at around 5'4", blue eyes, no tattoos (yet).

    She's very handy, and likes to build things. Works on sets for theaters. Dabbles with cray and mosaics.

    She's attempted to quit smoking a few times and failed. She has an aversion to deep relationships and ditches when things get too serious with anyone.

    General Personality:

    Character Biography:
    The child of a wealthy politician father and fashion designing mother, and the oldest of three daughters. Bailey grew up in the lap of luxury, somewhat. Material things do very little to help the damage caused by a broken home. With arguments, infidelity, and general dysfunction between parents, Bailey learned from a young age that there wasn't much to marriage. She also learned there was no point in seeking the approval of parents too wrapped up in their own problems to pay any attention to their children. Bailey was a loner, at times a rebel, and liked it that way.

    Sexual Preference:
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