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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Amber Sky, Mar 27, 2015.

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  1. Hey!

    I'm AmberLight, though I'll most likely be going by either Amber or just Am. I've been roleplaying for a few years, though it has been a VERY start-stoppish kind of journey since I'm always phasing in and out of busy points or points where I just completely loose my muse. It's sort of sad how long I can just disappear into thin air, but I'm working on it.

    In terms of roleplay, I generally just go for anything that has a well-thought out plot - though I generally stick to fantasy settings since magic and stuff is awesome. Yas.

    That's about it, I'm looking forward to getting a few roleplays up here and meeting you all! c:
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Amber :)! I hope you enjoy your stay~
  3. Welcome aboard, Amber. I might've been around for a bit, but I've been severely inactive, so I guess I'm kinda new myself lol. Anywhoo, welcome and have fun. :3
  4. Thank you so much for the welcomes! <3 I really appreciate it. c:
  5. This is what I sayyyyo: Welcome to Iwaku, Amber! :D

    - title reminded me of Red Hot Chili Peppers -
  6. A hello to you!
    Yes, welcome to Iwaku.
    Enjoy your stay.​
    [My attempt at a "Welcome to the site!" Haiku.]​
  7. Chainedfiction - I got your heeeyyyoo, now listen to what I saayyyyooo...
    You know what, I sound out of tune even on the internet. /fails
    The title wasn't intentional, but I guess it works haha. Thank you for the welcome! <3

    Ser K+
    Thank you very much
    Your haiku was brilliant
    But mine is better​

    (Yeah no, yours was leagues better than mine haha. Thank you so much! <3)
  8. Haha, no problem ^^

    Oh and here's a site hint for ya!
    Iwaku is one of these cool hip sites that allow easy conversing xD!
    Tag a person you wish to... uh... tag by putting "@" before their username.

    Ex. @AmberLight
  9. @Ser K+ Oh pssshhhh, I knew that. /shot
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  10. Welcome to iwaku!
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  11. Welllll cccooommmmmeeeeeee rraaaaah.
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  12. Welcome to the site! Have a great time here! :D
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  13. Welcome Amberlight! I hope you have fun here!
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