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  1. Roleplay anyone?

    Honestly I don't mind what we do, nor what's in it. I just need something to do.

    So.. Here are some things that I'd like for you to possibly do...

    • Long Replies.​
    • A few posts a day.​
    • Possibly Specific with Detail.​
    • Perfectly fine with Incest (( MxM ))​
    • Prince X Assassin​
    What I mean by Prince X Assassin is like, the prince (( Me )) Has a long lost brother, The assassin. And, yeah. :D I'll give more detail about it later!

    And that's a bout it. Thank you for your time!.

    Just PM me, post on here, or post a comment on my profile!.


  2. *Raises hand*
  3. ;o Really!?

    ~ Tackles ~ ​
  4. I get to play as a distant reserved yet caring assassin?
  5. Yup, yup. c:
  6. I LUV IT!
  7. Haha x'D Well that's good.

    So, would you like to do Character Sheets? Or not? ​
  8. Do you want me to make one?
  9. Honestly I don't mind~
    I always make one because the information and stuff. xD​
  10. I'll do it! Just make the thread!
  11. Alright give me a few minutes! :D​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.