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  1. Hey I'm CME, and though I'm not new to RPing, I'm sure as hell new to talking to strangers! So forgive me if I'm a bit shy and hesitant to instigate any RPs. ^^" I generally wait for people to ask me first. >_> That sometimes goes for just talking in general......Anyway!

    Welp if you wanna know a little about me, I'm fond of reading, writing stories, drawing, watching anime, and playing video games. I guess I can be a bit quirky and eccentric, not to mention hyper and just plain random. Not always, but sometimes. Especially once I get to know you. Otherwise I may act rather formal or just kind of ".....o_o .....Uh, how form words?" Yeah no, conversing and I have been at odds for many a year. =_= So my apologies if I'm a bit of a derp. <:/

    Oh yeah, and my resume's pretty much filled out. If ya got any questions about anything that my resume fails to cover, whether it be RP related or just cuz you're curious about me, feel free to ask. I'm pretty open about crud.

    Hope to get along with you guys! Have a wonderful day! ^^

  2. Welcome to the Madness xD. Please enjoy your stay.. Don't be to scared..~

    Whispers in the dark room while petting her OverSized Tiger.:3

    We all are a bit Crazy..~
  3. Yaay~ I'm not alone! Mwahahahaha! Ahem I mean why thank you. uwu
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    Hey there! Welcome to Iwaku, I'll be your guide. I can understand being shy to start roleplays, I was a little shy myself when I started on forums, but branching out and entering anything that interested me really did help me along the way! (Though it seems group roleplays update a touch slower around here, I find them much more helpful then One[x]one!) It'll take some time to adjust, but I hope you can simmer in nicely! (And become bolder as well - It comes with treading in forums happily, you know?) This forum is so organized, this is a great place to start!

    (I feel like I shouldn't be welcoming you, because I'm pretty new myself, ha; )
  5. I am now pronouncing your name as Smee! O_O Welcome to the site, Cme! <3
  6. Hello there! ^^
  7. Smee? I like it! X) Heheh and thanks. Glad to be here. ^^
  8. Hello! [Why thank you.] (psh I dunno how to cross out words) Heh I suppose I'll give group roleplays a shot. I'm so used to one[x]one, but hopefully I'll adjust fast. ^^ And thank you for the welcome! Whether you're new or not, it's most certainly appreciated. :)
  9. (That would be right next to the underline option in the formatting tab!)
    I'm sure you'll do splendidly, after adjusting - you may begin to realize they're a lot of fun! ( <3 No problem, by the way. )
  10. tumblr_inline_mmblisLPcw1qz4rgp.gif Heya new person! I am Domeki Sato and I want to welcome you to Iwaku. You are going to enjoy it here and you are gonna make a BUNCH of buddies. If you need a buddy gimmie a shout.
Thread Status:
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