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  1. Hi guysss~~

    I'm so bad at introduction>.<

    To start with, I'm currently 15 yrs old still a high school student(pfffftt) and I'm from Philippines. A human who wants to have lots of friends and wants to get rich(lol)..... I love RPing and I dunno why? Maybe there's something in it that I don't know xD I also love Photoshop :D It makes my creativity flooowww~~ xD

    Hopefully, In this site/forum I'll have so much fun and have sooooooo mannnyy frieeennddss :D
    I'll be active especially this holiday mwuehehehe xD

    HUGS <3
  2. wow Im 15 also and I too love photoshop, welcome to Iwaku, hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. HI!! I hope we'll be able to RP sometime :DD

    Ohhhh Wow!! is this some sort of destiny?? lol xD You have dA??
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, I hope to see some of your photoshop work in the art galleries here ^_^ We're glad to have you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years !
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Ezra! I love your name, it reminds me of a band I used to listen to! :D Anyway! I hope you enjoy your time with us here at Iwaku and I hope your Muse does too and the creativity you could ask for will be at your finger tips!

    As Fijoli said we've got the Writing & Art Museum where you can put up a Showcase of your work!

    It's always nice to get another creative type here on Iwaku, Happy Holidays and we'll see you around!
  6. Thank you so much guys :DD I'll be happy to post some of my art sometime xD Happy Holidays~~~