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  1. Alright, so.. Hi :3.

    I'm back, but this time without a Plot in mind; I'm letting whomever's interested choose the plot!. Weird, right?. It's all good though, I honestly can't think of anything.

    But, here's some things about me and how I RP.

    + I am currently fifteen.

    + My sexuality is Pansexual, has been for about four years ^^

    + I will willingly play a Dominant male or female with a MxM or FxF. But I will not be the Dominant male within a MxF for some reason- I will do a MxF though~.

    + I absolutely love drama. Drama this, drama that. Just. Yes.

    + I will always post more than a Paragraph, as long as my Partner gives me enough work to deal with and also have more than a Paragraph.

    + Incest is one thing I'm interested, and haven't been able to try out as much as I'd like. So if any of you have any Incest ideas, tell me! :D

    + Male X Male / Female X Female is something I'm most comfortable with, once again, because I haven't been able to try out much with Male X Female. I'm still willing to do it.

    + I post frequently when I'm off school, but since it's the last week of school, I may be a bit slow.


    Some small pairings.
    { __ To show which one I'll be. }

    Brother x Sister
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Brother x brother
    Sister x Sister {So much incest. Holy shit}
    Animal-like person x Human. {I can be both. I don't care. xD}
    Cop x Singer. { Totally got that from Beyond The Lights }
    Depressed M/F x Cool kid {Cliché}
    Cheerleader x Brothers




    .. Yeah I don't really care. xD




    Light Bondage { Bed Sheets ; Etc }
    Restraining { Hands, Pinning down, etc }
    Biting { Lips, Ears, etc }
    Fondling { Breasts, Etc }
    Teasing { Somewhat like Fondling except with light touches, half clothed, etc }


    So, that's what I have. Please come PM me or message me on here if you're interested! And tell me any other ideas y'all have got in mind. I seriously have some strange interests though.. XD
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  2. I'm interested in Sister x Sister :)
  3. Agh oh my god. I completely forgot that you were interested. XD I am so sorry! Anyways, just send me a PM and we can start discussing ~ :awesome:
  4. If you're still looking I'm interested in doing an Brother X Sister roleplay.
  5. Yeah, I'm still looking ^^ Do you have any specific plot in mind?
  6. Well, I was thinking of step-siblings trying to get used to living with each other since both of their parents married each other. Though if you wanted something that's full on blood incest I don't really have too many ideas for that at the moment.
  7. I'm fine with the Step-Siblings thing. Just send me a PM and we can discuss more~
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