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    Hey, I'm Vee or V or Vii or Butt face. I'm not sure what I'm doing at all or what I'm going to write or where I am send help s.o.s.

    No I'm kidding -- not about the Vee part, about the... well you get it.

    I'm a lady bro, twenty-six and I've been roleplaying for about, god eleven years now. Never have I joined a forum like this though, so you're going to have to bear with through the learning process. I've rolplayed in places like AOL chats (back when the dinosaurs roamed the, you kiddies probably don't remember), Yahoo chats, Gaia online and most recently Deviant Art. Of course I've dabbled in a bunch of onexones through skype and such as well.

    Before anything I'm an artist -- you might even catch me in the free requests thread sometime taking doing some freebies for people when I'm not too busy~ You know hopefully making friends bribing people to be my friend and rp with me.


    I love all sorts of genres, scifi/horror/fantasy uughgnfg and dystopian djfsffgfg <3 I will warn you guys, I have a big passion for making
    villains. If you ever need an antagonist -- I might just be your ladeh.

    I'm really eager to get the swing of the place. I'd love to be part of your Iwakuro familyyyy.

    I don't know what else to write. I'm just going to go roll around and stalk look at your rps.

    yea yea okay i'm going now.


    - V
  2. Welcome to the Madness xD. Please enjoy your stay ~

    Be aware .. Because nothing is what it seems in here ^^

    Fu fu fu ..~
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  3. Welcome to Iwaku pleasure to stab---- I mean meet you.
  4. Hey welcome to Iwaku. tumblr_lul7uyy5UP1qg6ean.gif
  5. Hello welcome to Iwaku. I hope that you enjoy your stay here. If you need help with anything, I would be more than happy to assist you.
  6. Hello! I am Melancholy, but please call me Mel. It's nice to meet you! If you ever want to RP or just want to talk, then send me a PM! Have nice stay here on Iwaku; the site filled with glorious insanity.
  7. hhhhhh Thank you for all the warm welcomes <333jgkdfjg you guys ahhh~
  8. Welcome Buttfa- I mean, welcome Vee!
  9. Greetings Vee, welcome to the community! :D
  10. WAZZUP MY FRIEND! Whoa that was a little loud wasn't it.*Blushes feeling dumb* anyhow My Name is Domeki Sato (★KING★) and it's nice to meet you.
  11. So you respond to Buttface? That's an interesting nickname.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum. I'm the annoyingly smart ass admin.