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  1. Heavens Academy
    A four story complex complete with dorms, classrooms, a cafeteria, sports fields and, to top it all off, is just a five minute walk away from a small town.

    In the world of the living, this school would be considered the ultimate of all schools. However, this school isn't in the world of the living.

    Hevens Academy resides in an area one would call "limbo". While the school is populated, most of the people, students and teachers included (as well as the people in the small town) are what some people like to call NPCs. They have been in the school since the beginning (no aging nor death nor sickness, as it is) and react like anyone would expect (no, they won't repeat themselves, unless you ask them to say something again).

    The small minority of students who are not NPCs is made up of teenagers (or people who were damn close to being of teenage years) and are members of class SSS (kinda stupid, I know but bear with me).



    Appearence: (no RL pics, ok?)



    Regret: (What is keeping you here?)
  2. ((Posting this here for future reference.))

    Name: Robert Mason

    Appearance: I'm afraid I don't do pictures. If that is not to your liking, I will change it, post-haste.

    In his home country, Robert is considered to be of a height that is around average - though this may be, his build, through all the training he has done, has been made to be solid and with toned muscles. However, do no mistake him for Mr Universe - he is far from it, even with his upper-body strength. His hair, cut to a medium length, is a dark brown hue - not dark enough to be mistaken for black, but considerably darker than most brown-haired persons. His eyes are a sharp blue, cobalt in tone, and though they may appear harsh, the fact his eyelids are consistently half-closed make him appear nonchalant on a far more regular basis. His skin, due to half of his heritage, is vaguely tanned, though not enough to really change his apparent skin tone. He tries to keep his clothing simple, yet non-restrictive - hence the button-up, white short-sleeve shirt, paired with ever-so-slightly baggy jeans, fashioned from navy denim. His shoes are breathable trainers, black lace ups, with silver strikes along each one's outer side.

    Personality: Robert, in life, hid his true self - as such, the personality one sees on the outside is largely false, and is but a well-formed shell. This shell has him seem particularly formal and calculating, not bringing his emotions into play, unless the situation calls upon them, for one reason or another. If you asked him to solve a mathematical equation, he would proceed with no evident struggle - however, he would appear to have difficulty when faced with a problem requiring his own opinion, and would likely give an answer containing a ream of facts, and little that was not riddled with neutrality. But, on the contrary, his true self is far less cold and unfeeling. A lover of the softer things in life, the real Robert Mason enjoys bad puns, heart-wrenching music, films, books and whatnot, and strawberry milkshakes. He is, in reality, a sensitive teddy bear trapped in a cast-iron shell, and all he really wants is a friend who won't judge him.

    Regret: Hiding his true potential to stop himself from being persecuted, while he himself felt caged.

    Weapons: Due to his experience in life, he is proficient in kick-boxing, and his "weapons" of choice are a pair of steel gauntlets, used to beat the living hell out of enemies. However, he knows the impracticality of this, and has been training with a Heckler and Koch HK417 mid-range sniper rifle. He's no crack shot, but he can hit stationary and slow moving targets most of the time. He knows the reliability of this weapon - he reasons that if the SAS use it, then it's good enough for him.

  3. will it be just us for now?
  4. Depends what you mean by "Just us". I'm waiting for others to get their characters on here.
  5. Oh well heres mine!

    Name: Edo tetsu

    Appearence: [​IMG]

    Personality: he is happy go lucky with a large hint of being immature. when with comes down to the situation, he will get the job done...even if it means he left a trail of disaster behind him. Hes not too keen with the ladies, so when he thinks some girl is wearing "Revealing clothing"(On his account) he will try to convince her to cover up. but it usually doesn't work. hes also known as one of the dumb members.

    Regret: not able to feel true love

    Weapons: will work with any weapon except rocket lanchers and heavy swords(mace, hailbord, etc.) his personal favs are knives and pistols.

    i still think we should be barnacle battle front
  6. Name: Natsuki Takenaka (Goes by Natz)

    Appearence: [​IMG]

    Personality: Natz is firm in her beliefs and extremely headstrong. If she feels she is wronged, she won't hesitate to beat someone up. She hates being proven wrong, and when she is, she can skulk around for several days. She is a huge history buff, and adores the French Revolution, hence her outfit.

    Regret: Never knowing who her parents were

    Weapons: She can use a Glock 19 mm very well, but if there isn't one available or she has run out of ammo, she will use anything within arm's reach, even other people.

    I'm fine with either, but I'm more partial to leaving it to the story because it would be more in the theme of the anime, you know?
  7. Alright.

    Well then, lets have us go in at the START of the creation of Wright Brothers! NOT!

    So, who wants to be the leader?
  8. Lets break the bounds a bit with a forigener!

    Name: William Griffith

    Appearence: Here is a picture of him being placed in a rather... Unprepared for encounter with a member of the separate species called "Woman" [​IMG]

    Personality: William, or rather Will, is a quiet volcano. Meaning, he does not let the most intense of the emotions he feels to be let loose, though them they break out, there is no telling what will happen. He considers himself to be male but "Utterly uninterested in the reproduction of the human species and the spreading of the human condition". Personally, he hates most people, seeing them as noisy and makers of needless conversation.

    He is addicted to the gathering of knowledge and it is rare to see him without a book and a journal or two.

    Weapons: The weapon that William mostly uses is the Scottish Claymore or the Walter PPK.

    Regret: Never finish writing his book.
  9. I'll be getting the ANGEL up tomarrow.
  10. Sweet.....who's the leader?
  11. If I remember putting it down right...


    And there's the Roleplay Service Announcement.
  12. if no one takes it...ill take the position
  13. I was going to suggest that...I didn't want Natz to turn into another Yurippe, the headstrong leader-type. Plus, I thought that her unwavering beliefs would be a fun inner conflict with the other characters ^^
  14. It would be amusing if my character was the leader because hes one of the dumb members
  15. You don't neeed to be smart.

    Just be dedicated.
  16. True
    lets see if medieval medic wants to take the position...if not ill take the leader position.
  17. Consider me your side arm. Useful to have in a pinch, foolish to rely on for everything.
    In other words, I can fill the role of advisor, but not much else.
  18. Well i guess its settled
  19. Alright, and thus the founding members of ______ Battlefront are created.
  20. ANGEL will be up soon.
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