Heavenly's Here! (:

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  1. Hello everyone! I just joined like.. a few minutes ago, so I'm looking forward to meeting some new people here and get some good RP's going! My name is Heavenly, yes my real name is Heaven and my middle name is Leigh, no joke. Haha. I'm twenty-one years old, I live in Tennessee, and I have a two year old daughter. I have a real life, but I'm a stay at home mom and I'm usually pretty active.

    I consider myself casual to low advanced, but typically I work with what I'm given. I can RP anything really, but I enjoy doing fandoms and fantasy related RP's, I like realistic as well but the plot has to really bring me in.

    I guess that's it, if you have anything to ask, then ask away!

    Thank you!!

    Heavenly <3​
  2. Welcome heavenly Heavenly!
    This is a place where you kind get way to immersed into your awesome stories. Or maybe that's just me, I don't know. Anyway, I hope you get good rp's and enjoy your stay

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  3. Hello Heavenly, you seem like an interesting person! welcome to Iwaku and enjoy your stay ^ ^
  4. Welcome! Enjoy the stay here!
  5. Hey, welcome to Iwaku :)

    What type of fandoms are you interested in?
  6. Avengers, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Originals, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, fairy tales, Disney movies, Once Upon A Time, and I like Spider-Man. :D

    And thank you everybody!!! <3
  7. Hihi Heavenly! :D Welcome aboard!
  8. love your signature and pic! Also you love walking dead and marvel, i think will get along just fine. welcome to iwaku.
  9. Thank you! I love yours too! :D I do love Walking Dead and Marvel! Especially Avengers! :)
  10. same here, Avengers is my favorite movie! Walking dead is also my obsession so whenever a zombie RP comes i'm right there first in line lol
  11. I love my zombie RP's. (: I'm so thrilled because there are more people interested in Walking Dead here than anywhere else I've been and it makes me so happy!

    I'm dying to do something with Avengers.
  12. okay if i find any walking dead Rp's i'll Pm you, i'm actually gonna be starting one with all new characters and a new setting