Heaven on Earth

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  1. In the year 2034, the earth was devastated by a giant spacial-storm know as the "Northern Pole Collapse". In total, the storm killed over 9,000,000 people. New York, Ground Zero for the storm, was unexpectedly leveled by the storm, resulting in most of the deaths. After the disaster, a new city known as "The First Realm" was created. Almost all survivors in the American Colony (Previously Known As USA) reported here and built new lives. With so many people, brought a huge rate of death as a disease similar to the Black Death swept through "The First Realm". In order to bring back the dead, a man of the name Joesph Cross invented "EVE'S". EVE'S functioned as an immortal body, in which the brain was transplanted into a robotic body. Soon enough, the entire city was half-full of EVE's, leaving only half-as-many humans left in the mix. What many of these humans thought was an improvement, was actually something much, much, darker.

    EVE'S were designed to have control unless Joesph wanted to control them himself. The government was funding his project without this knowledge. Joesph was the richest man in The First Realm, but he still wanted more power. He began overriding many of the EVE'S in the city, and soon found himself with an army of robots. So taken up by greed, Joesph sent his robotic army forth, easily taking control of everything. Joesph had become insane, and with more and more survivors arriving in the city, he sent the order for his army of EVE's to kill every human, and EVE them, but to stay out of the public eye, as not to "Shoo Away" the oncoming flow of civilians.

    Not all humans were uneducated on the situation, though. A group of humans formed a Rebel Group known as the Alliance. Members of the Alliance were few, and they began destroying EVES the only way possible, by destruction of the brain, which is the only thing that provides electrical charges that keep the EVES running. Joesph Cross soon found out, and out of rage, he sent out the EVE's to kill every Alliance member they spotted. And still, many citizens were unaware.

    And so, Guerrilla War had begun...
  2. Character Sheets

    Personal Information
    EVE Status: (Has your Character been EVED?)
    Allegiance: (EVES Or Alliance?)

    Physical Information
    Appearance: (Picture Helps)
    Eye Color:
    Tattoo's or Markings:

    Historical Information
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  3. Is it possible that the war left Realm-01 and expanded into the wasteland beyond it?

    Also what is the wasteland outside the city like? is it like a winter wasteland? or like a floodland or just ravaged by destruction like a war torn wasteland?
  4. The war is in the city, and out. The outside wasteland is like a scorhing desert, no plants, no water, no nothing.
  5. So it's a lot like Judge Dredd then
  6. This looks pretty cool. Is it still open and such? Also, do the EVES look like normal people or are they obviously robotic?
  7. this seems reminiscent of Blade Runner