Heaven Is Falling

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Ten thousand years ago a war broke out between the masses of Heaven and the masses of Hell. Destruction and chaos plagued the world casting it into darkness for over a thousand years. War, disease, and sin was rampant; and the punishment dealt out by those from Heaven itself was death.

Soon the fighting began to escalate. Demons possessed and used Humans as their own tools of war but were retaliated against when Angels began to create their own races. Soon race after race sprouted up; created to help one side or another in their battle for control. More violence ensued and more life was lost.

Then, one day, the fighting just ceased. Demons, for the most part returned to Hell, while Angels, except those who had fallen from grace during the battles, returned to Heaven. It would seem as if a tie of sorts had happened; or that both sides were taking a breather while preparing in secret for the next round of fighting that was to begin.. but when?

The world has changed a lot since there, Human and Race wars alike spreading across the planet and bringing with it all manner of diseases, sins, and new twisted and warped races. The world has changed from new to old to back again. Now, the modern age has arrived; and with it an abundance of technology that has made the world - once dangerous enough with weapons of old - even more dangerous.

The year is 2020 and once more the Heavens are beginning to stir and the presence of the Demons from Hell are showing up more and more... is this the end? Is the world about to be plagued by another war of Heaven and Hell? Are the innocent about to suffer far worse than what they have before due to the new technology available for this next battle?

The best question yet... who will survive?​

Edge City is a massive futuristic Utopian playground that was started and built from the ground up by the mysterious "Darkman," once a legendary bounty hunter. His experience and influence vast, he controls the entire metropolis from behind the scenes, having secluded himself completely from society, leaving his family members to run things in his steed. A place where any thug or criminal, aware of Edge City's Laws, can climb the ranks and earn a place in "The Company," Darkman's exclusive organization, if they're smart, or end up in jail or dead if stupid.

The newly created Sunset Island is under control of a peaceful and yet deadly leader - Amaranth Kane - who has already shown countless times that's she's not afraid to resort to violence to keep her little area on the map, and safe.
It's becoming known as a small island of peace and freedom - to where you can go without worry of what is to come so long as you keep the peace and obey the few laws actually written there. It's an island beginning to grow in strength with a strong backbone to keep it centered.
Though, the place has been rumored to have darkness hidden in the very heart of it - a darkness that keeps people in check and from acting out....

The Land of Shadows is a country from another world. As it's name suggests, it is a country surrounded by shadow through which no light pierces, inhabited by all manner of beast and creature. In the center of the country lies Makkurakagure, a hidden ninja village ran by Alec Kane. The village is under the protection of "The Dark," Alec's personal guard.

The world has seen it's share of Destruction, Creation and Revelation. Drama between Angels and Demons caused New Vegas - once a gambling paradise and playground to creatures of the night - to be destroyed, rendering it nothing more than a hazardous wasteland known as "Ground Zero."

The once beautiful city named Shinkai Shigai, later renamed Velo, has seen its share of death and drama. It was destroyed by an alien, which also causes it's remains to be declared a disaster area.

Pacific City was once comparable to the size of Edge City. Some of it's citizens had genius level intellect, and fancied themselves Gods. Experiments to better human DNA caused an accident that turned most of its population of millions into flesh eating zombies. The city lies in ruins as the walking dead flood the streets.

Other cities began to enter existence; infant cities known as Sobui Shigai and Neutral City. A constantly raging sandstorm clears to reveal a great desert, ripe with forbidden treasures and cities from an age long past.

With new dangers surfacing, the story is still unfolding. What part will you play?...

So, what do we have to offer?
  • Active Staff
  • Active User base
  • Character interactions can change the plot. That's right, you're in control of the plot.
  • T1 (turn based) fighting style - a fair and easy to learn combat system.
  • Freebies! All new characters get a certain number of free abilities and armour.
  • Total Creative control - Don't like what you see? Make your own. Abilities, weapons, armour, and even your own areas.
  • Diverse species available, and if we don't have it, you can create it!
  • Your mind is the limit, go ahead, play god. We dare you.
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