Heather Academy with Tutoring Elite (H.A.T.E.)

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  1. "Just be yourself, so the dogs can eat you quicker!"
    "Trust your instinct, and you may survive a second longer!"
    "Do you what you think is right, then to hell with your life!"

    This is the only advice the Kendal triplets have on the feared school, Heather Academy with Tutoring Elite (also known as H.A.T.E.). Nobody would go there if they had the choice...but the only place of education in the Delta set is that school, which is on Island Delta Iota Of Thera (also known as I.D.I.O.T.).

    The planet Thera is the parallel planet to earth, so the civilization is pretty similar. The main difference is, Thera is made up of many islands, named/ordered alphabetically. The first letter of an island is the island set it's in- there are 24 island sets, and different sets rarely interact. The second letter is it's ranking of importance in it's set. Island Delta Iota should be of delta importance, being the massive Delta sets only school/place of education...but a place corrupt as that only got the ironic Iota ranking (ironic as it make sit I.D.I.O.T.). On Island Delta Iota is Delta's famous, chaotic high school, where you'll have to attend, it being the only place of education in the Delta Set (people under 14 were home schooled on basic things. Believe me, the Delta set is despised by the other sets for it's unruliness and lack of proper education). Good for you, your going to hate it...or H.A.T.E. it.

    "Dear _____,
    The Delta council has sent us the list informing us of who shall be fourteen within our next school year.You are on that list, so must attend our mandatory boarding school. School will start on the 21st of August so you must arrive on Island Delta Iota on that date. Failing to do so will result in a hefty fine. After you have arrived, you will be boarding with us till the summer holidays. You will continue attending this school for four years, until you are eighteen One letter home is allowed per term, and you may receive one letter and a small package in return.

    Since you will be staying here a while, we advise you pack as much as possible .
    You will be provided with some items though, listed below:
    -4 sets of the school uniform, to be worn Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 to 17:00.
    -1 set of the school PE kit.
    -A school books bag, and a PE bag.
    -School text books, exercise books, and a notebook.

    -A pencil case with all the stationary you will need for the year
    -A 75cm X 150cm towel.
    -A tooth brush, tooth paste, a bar of soap, shampoo,conditioner, shower gel, and other required toiletries.
    If anything else if required, it can be sorted upon arrival. You will have a locker to keep your items in. The key shall be given to you upon arrival.

    The school is equipped with all the facilities needed for living and leisure. You will be sleeping in a dormitory with three other people of your gender. Your dormitory number is 3__. You will be shown there upon arrival.

    Tutoring is free, as it is paid for by the council, so there is no need to worry about cost. Each week you are given a £10 allowance to spend at our special facilities- this is part of our schools special policy to teach children budgeting. Everything else shall be sorted upon arrival, so please do not reply with questions.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Catherine Alice Thorpe, Headmistress of Heather Academy for girls."

    It sounds like a perfectly normal and innocent school from the letter. Probably because the headmistress doesn't want the world to know she supports the school cruel ranking system.

    The school is ran by a horrible ranking system. This system was created as a joke by a group with in the first generation of students, but it was taken too seriously and has stuck around since. This is how the ranking system works:


    Each students given a rank out of all of the students in the school. This rank decides practically your whole life. The ranking takes place weekly, on Monday at midnight. Getting a higher rank gives you certain privileges, where as a lower one gets you punishments. Ranking is ordered by how many points each person gets. Points are given for:
    1. Age- First years get 0 points for this, second years get five, third years get 10, and fourth years get 20.
    2. Popularity- Each student has 20 popularity votes. They must use all these votes on other people who they think are most popular or admire most. Each vote you get is a point.
    3. Appearance factor- This is one of the three sub-ranking systems. You get given and taken appearance points to rank you on the appearance list. Each rank in the top 100 gets points for appearance, opposite to the rank they have (so rank 1 on appearance gets 100 real points, rank 25 gets 75, rank 50 gets 50, and rank 100 gets 1.). Your appearance rank is determined by a computer programmed to give or take a certain amount for each of your body feature sizes, colours, and texture.
    4. Fitness factor- This is one of the three sub-ranking systems. You get given and taken fitness points to rank you on the fitness list. Each rank in the top 100 gets points for appearance, opposite to the rank they have (so rank 1 on appearance gets 100 real points, rank 25 gets 75, rank 50 gets 50, and rank 100 gets 1.). You get ranked by how well you did on the last health check, sports day, and sports competition- the rank are decided by the head PE teacher.
    5. Intelligence factor- This is one of the three sub-ranking systems. You get given and taken intelligence points to rank you on the intelligence list. Each rank in the top 100 gets points for appearance, opposite to the rank they have (so rank 1 on appearance gets 100 real points, rank 25 gets 75, rank 50 gets 50, and rank 100 gets 1.). You get ranked by how well you did on your last tests, essays, and grades- the ranks are decided by the head maths teacher.
    6. Clubs- Being in a club can get you extra points. Your position in the club will determine your club ranking, and what percentage of the clubs points you get. Club point distribution is decided by the head of the club. Clubs are given a certain amount of points to distribute between it's members each week. The amount given to a club is determined by the clubs rank on the club list- which is ranked by the pastoral head.
    7. Cool factor- The student council, the headmistress, and the top ten in last weeks ranking system can decide to give extra bonus points to those they feel have done something especially cool that week that deserves it.
    8. Point donation- You can donate some of your ranking points to other students. This is often used as a second form of cash.
    And this is what happens for each rank you get (if two statements contradict, use the higher ranking one)(also, if you want to know where the school gets the money from, it was secretly built on a gold mine, and most of it goes back to the school anyway)(above means higher rank, as in 1 is higher than 10):
    • The person with Rank 1 can order anybody below rank 100 to do anything, so long as it doesn't break the law. They get £150 allowance instead of £10. They can go any where with in the school they like. They can skip any lessons they like. They can use all the schools facilities, and take things from the shops for free (this doesn't make the money useless- bribery!). Basically, they can do what ever they want.
    • Any person with Rank 10 or above can order anybody below rank 150 to do anything, so long as it doesn't break the law. They get £120 allowance instead of £10. They can go almost any where with in the school they like. They can skip 90% of lessons. They get a 90% discount on everything.
    • Any person with Rank 20 or above can order anybody below rank 200 to do almost anything, so long as it doesn't break the law. They get £100 allowance instead of £10. They can go almost any where with in the school they like. They can skip 75% of lessons. They get a 75% discount on everything. They get to go in the exclusive top 20 VIP room, where secret hidden camera operations and other stupid missions are planned...and they just relax in luxury.
    • Any person with Rank 50 or above can order anybody below rank 250 to do most things with in the school guide lines. They get £60 allowance instead of £10. They can go almost any where with in the school they like. They can skip 50% of lessons. They get a 50% discount on everything. They get to go in the awesome top 50 VIP room, where most ranking plotting is done.
    • Any person with Rank 100 or above can order anybody below rank 300 to do most things with in the school guide lines. They get £30 allowance instead of £10. They can go almost any where with in the school they like. They can skip 25% of lessons. They get a 25% discount on everything. They get to go in the pretty cool top 100 VIP room, which is considered the hang out for anybody in the top clique(more on cliques later).
    • When talking to anybody with a higher rank than you in the top 300 you must address them as senpai, in the top 100 as tono, in the top 20 as kakka, the Rank 1 as Heika- in return they will address you as kohai (the only exception to this is when in the martial arts dojo, where martial arts titles are used, or if a person gives you permission to call you something else). You must generally be respective to higher ranks, more so the higher above you they are.
    • Also, your ranking determines general things- where you sit in class, your place in the canteen queue, quality of equipment, how much teachers respect you.
    • There is also a vague dress code- put simply, your clothes can't be 'better' than somebody with a higher rank (this get less exact the lower rank is- rank 341 wouldn't have to worry about wearing something that is classed 'better' than rank 324, for example)
    • If your in the bottom 100 you don't get any allowance and have to do all the horrible chores- such as cleaning the toilets.
    As you can see, your ranking affects you a LOT. The people at the top exert their power as much as possible. And it's not easy to get a high ranking, since the school has around 1000 students.

    I mentioned something about cliques above. Well your character will have to try and join a clique. Cliques are essential for survival in the ranking. Everybody with in a clique helps each other get a higher rank, and helps with chores of the lower ones. Cliques also help you make friends, and goes with out saying, having friends is good. Of course, cliques don't want just anybody in them, so some have certain requirements. The clique head will accept you into a clique if you have those requirements. You may be in as many cliques as possible/you like. Being in more than one clique is called duo-cliqueing (some people seriously hate duo-cliquers though). The list of cliques is here:
    • The royalty clique- this changes a little each week, as it is the one for the top 20 in the ranking. The point of this clique is ruling over other students, and giving them a hard time. Rank 1 is the king/queen, ranks 2-5 are princes/princesses, ranks 6-10 are dukes/duchess', ranks 11-15 are marquees'/marchioness', ranks 16-20 are earls/countess'. Every now and then they employ barons/baroness' from ranks 21-50 to do certain jobs for them- at a well paid price. The royalties have divided the school into areas with the king/queen owning it all, but managed by the princes/princess', the princes/princess' who own a quarter each. The princes/princess' have the dukes/duchess', marquees'/marchioness', and earls/countess' run different parts, and do ruling jobs (such as collecting 'taxes', or asserting the law). Much like a medieval hierarchy.
    • The top dog clique- every body in ranks 100-21 have banded together to try and keep their places in the ranking. It's filled with schemers, prankers, and two-faced liars. The are considered the government that supports the royal family. They don't care about rules, they just want to get the most from their privileges.
    • The drama clique - To be in this clique you must be in the drama club, and considered rather loud. Their aim is to get drama club ranked number one club, so they can sell points for money for drama club productions. (They are no where near this goal)
    • The ICT club- To be in this clique you must be in the ICT or mechanics club, and own a laptop. Their aim is to hack the heavily blocked appearance ranking system, so they can black mail those with money into upgrading the equipment. (They are no where near this goal)
    • The chess club- To be in this clique you must be in the chess or maths club, and have an IQ of over 120. Their aim is to take down the king/queen to make this school a democracy for the pawns. (They are no where near this goal)
    • The music club- To be in this clique you must be in a music club, and play at least two instruments to a high level (singing counts as an instrument). Their aim is to take control of the summer festival, to make turn it from a medieval themed hell to a fun musical concert. (They are no where near this goal)
    • The martial arts clique- To be in this clique you must be in a martial arts club, and have a six pack. Their aim is to get rid of the ranking titles, since it clashes with those in their dojo. (They are no where near this goal)
    • The otaku's clique- To be in this clique you must be in the collectors club or cosplay club, and have watched/read at least 10 animes/mangas. Their aim is to replace the current dress code, with a cosplay one. (They are no where near this goal)
    • The lovelies clique- To be in this clique you must be in the art or cooking club, and be bi-lingle. Their aim is to please the royalties with their art/cooking/language skills, so they are granted ruling over the music and otaku's clique. (They are no where near this goal)
    • Sports clique- To be in this clique you must be in at least two sports clubs, and have won a significant sporting competition at some point in your life. Their aim is to get into the top 100 ranks, so they can become proper jocks. (They are no where near this goal)
    • The losers clique- you are automatically in this clique if you are ranked in the bottom 100. Their aim is to get out of the bottom 100. (some are close to this goal, others are not). Being in this clique means you can't not be in any other clique.

    There are also clubs to join. You can join up to 3 clubs. These include:
    • Drama club
    • ICT club
    • Mechanics club
    • Maths club
    • Chess club
    • Choir
    • Strings club
    • Wood wind club
    • Percussion club
    • Brass club
    • Boxing club
    • Judo club
    • Karate club
    • Mixed martial arts club
    • Collectors club
    • Cosplay club
    • Art club
    • (Not american) Football club
    • Rugby club
    • Hockey club
    • Netball club
    • Athletics club
    • Dance club
    • Gymnastics club
    • Cooking club
    • Debate club (the only club people don't join for cliques! This is used to debate ranking matters mostly)
    • Tea/coffee club (you need to be ranked in the top 100 for this).
    • Host club (you need to be ranked in the top 100 for this)
    • School council (you need to be ranked in the top 100 for this)

    And finally, you must pick 5-10 classes to take from this list:
    Maths classes-

    • Basic maths
    • Advanced maths
    • Mechanics
    • Accounting
    Literature/language classes-
    • Basic literature
    • Advanced literature
    • Journalism
    • Business studies
    • French
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Latin
    Science classes-

    • Basic science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Sociology
    • Psychology

    • Geography
    • History
    • Religious education
    • Politics
    • Health and social care

    • Art
    • Cookery
    • Textiles
    • Product design
    • Music
    • Drama
    The Others-

    • Physical education
    • Information Technology
    • Etiquette (mainly used by the the royalties, so i'd be careful if you chose it!)

    The school years is split into 6 terms- each term is split by a weeks break on site, so you can have a week of relaxing at the school. There are six terms, each with their own festival. They are:

    • The autumn term with the introductions fun night (at the start of term to settle the new students in)
    • The founding term (the school was founded on a date in this term) with the snowflake ball (a ball on the shortest day of the year, with special traditions)
    • The winter term with the to-be-voted-event (an event is voted by the school council, but anybody can give suggestions)
    • The spring term with the new-flower dance (a dance celebrating the coming of spring)
    • The tests terms with the after-exam fair (a fair celebrating the end of exams)
    • The summer term with the summer festival (a summer festival on the longest day of the year)

    And that is just about a summary of the school. I'm not even going to bother on facilities- you people can be creative.
    Okay, i'm all worn out now. I spent 3 hours on this, and it's four in the morning now.

    If your interested, please say. You will be playing a first year who's new to all this, and is trying to survive. Maybe you want to ranked in the top 20, or bring down the whole system. Maybe your looking for love, or trying to get the best grades. Maybe your interested in duo-cliqueing (being in two or more cliques), or being crowned champion at a school festival.

    Character template
    (please fill in if your interested!):
    Date of birth: (Don't include year)
    Personality: (It doesn't have to be long)
    Clubs they want to join:
    Clique they want to join:
    How you think they will rank out of 1000:

    Referring back to the Kendal triplets, I might include them as guides for the newbies. Please say if you like this idea, and is your willing to play one of them as well as a newbie.
  2. Name: Brianna Peridot Shirewenths (Bri)
    Gender: Female
    Date of birth: August 27th
    Appearance: 5'7" and 120 lbs. She has layered, light brown hair that falls slightly below her shoulders. She has bright peridot green eyes, and dark tanned skin. She is rather average looking, except that she is thinner than most.
    Likes: Reading::Fashion::Nature
    Dislikes: Fire::Idiots::Anyone she considers beneath her
    Personality: Rather condescending, she views herself as above most people, even those who are above her. She can be sweet or cruel, depending on what is needed to improve her social tandings. Her motto is, if you can't beat the system, manipulate it to your own needs.
    Advanced Math
    Advanced Literature
    Health and Social Care
    Physical Education
    Clubs they want to join:
    Gymnatics Club
    Debate Club
    School Council(obviously only if she becomes a royal)
    Clique they want to join:
    How you think they will rank out of 1000:
  3. Accepted~! In fact, Ive plotted a scene for her...hehehe...i wonder how she'll react...
  4. ok great! I'm really excited for this, it sounds like a really cool idea and very amusing!
  5. Name: Renardo Kafuda
    Gender: male
    Date of birth: December 16
    Appearance: Brown hair kept in a neat relaxed cut, Left eye green; Right eye brown, keeps facial hair trimmed if not clean shaven, 6'1" average build, musculature is beginning to define, overall average, lean male
    Likes: music, women, quiet moments, justice, due respect, friends, water, warmth
    Dislikes: ridicule for his eyes or personality being different, disrespect,
    Personality: Ren was often lonely as a child and has grown to accept isolation, gets along better with adults than with his peers, not easily swayed by opinions he can be two-faced to help himself, Ren holds dearly to his friends and is very willing to do anything for them. Avid music lover and composer. ISFJ
    Classes: Basic Math, Biology, Psychology, Religious Studies, Latin, Health and Social care, Music, Physical Education
    Clubs they want to join: Choir, Woodwind,
    Clique they want to join: Music Clique (saxophone, voice)
    How you think they will rank out of 1000: 459

    (I assume that this is open to male characters? Hope the dual eye thing is ok with you, yes, it is a real thing i have it. Hope this application is ok. :cow:)
  6. Name: Rima Caldwell
    Gender: Female
    Date of birth: December 21
    Appearance: Short(about as short as a bobcut you could say...), wavy, frosty, white hair with cold blue eyes, 5'3 and average build. She has a "C" shaped scar around her left eye. And a birth mark, but few know of it.
    Likes: She loves winter, writing, dancing (but is often to shy to) She is learning to play piano, (meaning also she likes it) and snowball fights, snow men, a bit of pottery, and candles.
    Dislikes: Summer, being called stupid (who does?) lies, pecking orders, revealing clothes (mostly on her) and food service. (Don't know why I put that in...)
    Personality: She is shy at first, and self conscious and a bit rude (only to push you away or appear "cool"), but after you get to know her she is loyal, fun, more outgoing (especially with friends) and loves to get people gifts, but never knows what is good enough to get them. And she is smart, but not very athletic. (not that she can't do sports, they are just "not really her thing")
    Classes: German, Biology, Geography, History, Music, Advanced maths, Advanced literature, Chemistry. (Literature includes "creative writing" right?)
    Clubs they want to join: Dance Club, Percussion club, Art club
    Clique they want to join: She would rather not be, but if she had to be in one it would be music or lovelies.
    How you think they will rank out of 1000: Low at first, but perhaps later a bit higher, but she won't fight to be on top.
  7. Both characters are accepted!
    Of course boys are allowed, and i know the eye thing is real. (i hope you dont get teased too much because of it).
    And I think its percussion too...not sure though...anyway, shes fine.
  8. (This post is mainly for me, so I dont forget stuff)
    Okay, for the rp I think I'll just play older students to help the plot run smoothly.
    Significant people who aren't new:
    - The triplets (R. 48,49,50)
    - The king (R. 1)
    - Council president (R. 21)
    - Head teacher (R. N/A)
  9. Im currently planning how to make the time table.
    Lessons will be Mon-Fri.
    There will be 5 lessons, a break, and a lunch time each day.
    You do 3 lessons of each subject a week.
    By doing it this way everybody gets special periods in their planner, like supervised study, non-supervised study, libary lesson, club meeting (free period if your not in a club). But not a lot of work is really done in these lessons- they are more social
    If you like maths you will have worked out that there are 25 lesson periods, but students have to take a minium of 15 lessons or maximum of 30 lessons.
    For those who's lessons go over 25, you have to do extra lessons on Saturdays, and dont get special periods (this applies to those people taking 9 or 10 subjects).
    Some people might end up with lots of study periods, meaning they will not rank well for intelligence (this applies to those taking 5 or 6 subjects).
    So the recommended number of subjects to take is 7 or 8.
    Taking into acount everything above, some people might want to check and change the subjects theyre taking.
  10. Name: Eric Lowell

    Gender: Male

    Date of Birth: October 21

    Appearance: 6'1", slim, well-toned figure, Caucasian. Refined facial features, hazel eyes, long auburn hair with gold highlights going to his mid-back, worn in a ponytail when he feels formal. Favors stylish and formal clothing of varying shades of red, black and gold. Wears high-quality glasses that turn dark gray in bright light.

    Likes: Grand orchestral music, luxurious meals, belittling others, beautiful women.

    Dislikes: First years (especially those who manage to rank in the top 100), disrespect, the Loser's Clique, people who talk in the theater.

    Personalty: Indulgent, sarcastic, narcissistic, manipulative, condescending to those he deems unworthy of his time. Enjoys humiliating the lower ranks of the Academy and exploits his power on a daily basis. Often sits in on various music classes, especially orchestra, when his schedule allows. Woe be it to any class that takes place at the same time as a music class he has come to particularly enjoy.

    Classes: Advanced Literature, German, Latin, Sociology, Psychology, History, Politics, Etiquette.

    Clubs he wants to join: Tea/Coffee Club, School Council, Debate club.

    Clique he wants to join: Royalty Clique.

    How you think he will rank out of 1000: 2-5
  11. You could be one of the Kendal triplets, since I was planning on having them 'help' the new students in the first few weeks. Or maybe, if you make a good enough profile (with extra details and rubbish), I might let you play the king's right hand man. But you have to play a newbie as well. So if you want to play an upperclassman, you would have to have two characters (this is the only way people can have two characters at the moment, just so you know).

    And can people with reserved spots PLEASE make the profiles soon? Or at least put up the classes? I really want to sort out the timetables.

    Finally, there will be 6 episodes to this! One for each term. We will go through each day (':0), though day detail will vary like hell.
  12. I've edited my first post for my Third year character. I'll make a new post for my First year once I actually think of him. :P
  13. If you're still accepting, I'll reserve and put my CS up tomorrow night. If that's too long, I understand. :)

    Name: Aurora Ives

    Gender: Female

    Date of birth: January 13


    Likes: Boys, manipulating, shoes, falconry, archery, Art

    Dislikes: lower class, women, work

    Personality: She isn't one to give up easily to get her way, but she prefers if she doesn't have to work hard for it. She's from an upper class, elitist family and enjoys that lifestyle very very much. She doesn't hang out with women because she finds them too annoying and catty, plus they tend to get jealous of her fast. She will hang out with people to manipulate to get to the top, but she has no real friends except for her Falcon, Alyss.

    Basic math

    Clubs they want to join:
    Host Club
    Art Club

    Clique they want to join:

    How you think they will rank out of 1000: 2-10

    (I have an idea for a different character if this one is too much like Jyazz's. Or I could make it male?)
  14. I'm still accepting, don't worry! (and probably still will be for a while).
    Eric is accepted! Hehehe...he will work perfectly with my plot for Brianna...*evil cackle*.
  15. Posted my character. :)
  16. Accepted~! HAHAHHAHAHAHH I'LL ADD YOU TO MY EVIL AS WELL! HAHAHAHAHAH! *ahem* It would be nice if the next people to post profiles would post some boys too though...
  17. Name: Albert Johnson

    Gender: Male

    Date of Birth: March 16

    Appearance: 5'8", a little chubby, out of shape, Caucasian. Blue eyes, shaggy black hair, scraggly beard. Wears extremely casual clothing, sometimes little more than pajamas. Favors black and green.

    Likes: Music, reading, movies, manga, anime, video games, sleep.

    Dislikes: Public speaking, P.E., getting up early, staying up late, really stupid people, explaining things to people, people who ask questions about a book he is reading while nose-deep in it.

    Shy, intelligent, withdrawn. Avoids revealing too much of his personality until he can get a feel for someone and decide if he likes them or not. If he does, he becomes considerably more outgoing and friendly. If not, he'll act in whatever manner he believes will get him out of the interaction as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    Classes: Basic Math, Advanced Literature, Biology, Physics, History, Art, Music, Information Technology.

    Clubs He Wants to Join:
    Choir, Collector's Club, Chess Club.

    Cliques He Wants to Join: Chess Club, Otaku's Clique.

    How You Think He Will be Ranked out of 1000: 440-520
  18. Approved character!
    Can the people who reserved spots put profiles up soon please?