Hearts of Iron

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  1. Hearts of Iron is a roleplay set during the final days of the second World War. It follows the 9th Wehrmacht division during the Battle of Halbe, during which the entirely encircled 9th army defied Hitler's orders and broke through Soviet lines to link up with the 12th army, and allow countless soldiers and civilians to cross the Elbe river to surrender to the western allies.

    1.Post regularly, at least once per day. This should explain itself.
    2.This is a Historical RP, meaning no, you cannot be a ninja dragon warlord. Characters must be realistic.
    3.Adhere to the rules and requests of the GM.
    4. All other standard rules apply, as per usual.

    Rank: (Ranks range from Soldat [Private equivalent] to Gerfreiter [Lance Corporal], with the position of Stabsgerfreiter [Senior Lance Corporal and group leader] taken by me.)
    Primary weapon: (Kar98k rifle, MP-40 SMG, or MP-44 Rifle. Your character will automatically be given standard secondary weaponry such as a P38 pistol and two grenades. If you wish, you can also use captured Soviet weapons)
    Physical description:

    My CS:
    Name: Freidrich Junker
    Age: 32
    Rank: Stabsgerfreiter
    Primary weapon: MP-44
    Physical description: Old and tired looking, with a thick jaw and thin lips. Pale blue eyes with bags under them, and a bald shaven head. A small scar rests on his right cheek.
    Bio: Freidrich is one of the so called lucky ones. He entered the Wehrmacht before the war started and saw combat from the Siegfried line in France, to Moscow in the winter. Though his cold face and often blank attitude may be deceiving, he is actually a kind hearted man broken by the war. Whether he dies, is captured, or makes it through to the very end matters little to him. He just wants the war to end.
Thread Status:
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