Hearts of Honor: World War 0

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  1. Two to three months after the fall of the world's most know enemy, Osama Bin Laden,loyal troops/allies have arisen to finish his work. The U.S. has suffered countless strikes ranging in the north, south, east, and west of the world. Friendly areas like France, New York, Washington, London, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil, etc have taken the worst of the strikes. Taliban have recieved help from unknown enemy contacts and use familiar weaponry to that of Soviet Construction. The selective strikes have taken their toll.

    In retaliation, the U.S. Government has deployed military world-wide to cease any further attacks to U.S. soil and have lost many. Eventually we pushed the enemy back far enough to recover temporarily, but the enemy was strong and returned with reinforcements. Taliban recieved assistance from the North Korean military and carved a path way into battle again. And soon war took place.

    Military forces know as:

    Army Rangers
    Task Force
    Air Foce
    Navy Seals
    American Special Forces

    Have given their sworn duty to initiate their duty in order to save our homes. People are dying, civilians are losing hope, and the world may burn before the fall comes. As the U.S stands here at attention in the blackness of smoke and bullets, hope shall make a stand.


    Years in Coalition:
    Specialties(marksman, demolitionist, sniper,operator,etc):
    Best Qualities:
    Other Info(optional):